the walking dead game for iphone

the walking dead game for iphone

the walking dead game for iphone

For fans of blockbuster AMC series The Walking Dead, a companion game for your iOS device is a must. Jabbersite is pleased to announce that for a limited time The Walking Dead: Assault, a top rated Walking Dead game for iPhone and iPad is available for free download from the iTunes store. The title is a strategy game based on Robert Kirkman’s Eisner Award-winning comic series and really captures the feel of the comic book and show.

In gameplay you are placed in the role of your favourite characters from The Walking Dead including Rick, Glenn, Shane, Carl, Andrea, Lori and more. The layout of the game is based on the comic book with authentic locations.

In the same fashion as the series, you must protect yourself and buddies from the walkers, navigating through levels, completing objectives and avoiding alerting more walkers to your presence. Features include being able to create distractions such as using car alarms and flares to draw attention away from your party.

The game provides a welcome change to the normal first and third person zombie shoot-em-ups with smartly designed team-based actions. It requires a lot more strategy than simply blitzing through slaughtering zombies with potential to appeal to a lot more gamers. You can add survivors to your team and all characters add their own specialty skills to your arsenal.

Gameplay begins from the moment that Rick awakens in the hospital but new levels are constantly being added as the comic book and series goes on. While some might argue that the action is a little repetitive this is hardly different to the actual comic book and the game still manages to provide hours of fun.

A couple of points to consider that sometimes the controls can seem a little sluggish, especially on older iOS devices. There are also constant attempts to sell you in-game purchases, however with the title currently going for free this is to be expected.

The Good

  • Controls designed with iOS in mind
  • Strategy-side adds a lot more to a zombie game
  • Faithfully recreates scenes and characters from The Walking Dead

The Bad

  • Controls can appear a little sluggish
  • Constant in-app purchase up-sells

The Verdict

Walking Dead: Assault is a faithful recreation of the comic book and a top Walking Dead game for iPhone and iPad. The strategy side of the game adds to a zombie-hunter experience and provides hours of amusements. The couple of issues that we have had with the game should not be enough to dissuade fans of the game from downloading this title for free and getting involved with the action.

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