pro cam app for ipad

pro cam app for ipad

pro cam app for ipad

pro cam app for ipad

pro cam app for ipad

Despite the improvements made to the camera app on iPhone, iPod and iPad in iOS 7 the application still falls short of providing good camera features with minimal zoom and no self-timer. The shortcomings in the camera app have left the door wide open for other apps to fill the functionality and ProCam XL is a welcome addition as a top free camera app for iPad. The app has recently become free down from its premium price and has loads of features that you would expect to find on a digital SLR camera rather than a phone or tablet.

Features included in the ProCam XL camera app for iPad include much improved zoom, anti-shake to prevent blurred images, night time exposure options and different picture size options. The more you use this app and get to know it then the more you will be impressed.

When it comes to shooting modes you can set them just like a full-featured camera including single-shot, night, anti-shake,burst, self-timer face-detection and video. You can even take still shots whilst filming in video mode. And that is just the shooting mode features. Other camera functions that this app provides include your focus and exposure controls, white balance exposure, and white balance compensation, image resolution, aspect ratio, saturation and digital and video zoom. You can also use alignment grids for positioning you photo subjects. While not all these features are of interest to the normal camera user, they really can assist you in taking great photographs and perhaps help you to understand the different functions and utilize them on more fully featured cameras. The ability to control the focus and exposure is perhaps my favorite aspect of this app enabling me to take much higher-quality photos with my iPad Mini. I am just annoyed that it is not available free for my much more portable iPhone 5 which includes a flash.

That all being said there are a couple of gripes with the ProCam XL free camera app for iPad. It does drain your iPad battery much quicker when in use (although this is easily avoided by closing the app when you are not using it). The fact that iPads do not have a flash mean that you are limited to capturing good quality shots in bright light conditions although night mode is still good for taking long-exposure shots and this in itself is a good enough reason for downloading the app.

The Good

  • Full SLR digital camera features
  • Different shooting modes
  • Focus and exposure controls
  • Assists in understanding advanced photography

The Bad

  • Not available on iPhone
  • Demanding on iPad battery

The Verdict

If you are an iPad owner with any sort of interest in photography and disappointed by the lack of features on the native camera app then this is a must-have download for you. With ProCam XL you can transform your iPad into a full featured digital camera capable of taking excellent photos. While it can be a drain on battery life and not able to take advantage of a flash to to the iPad lacking this feature this is an excellent app and should be the first one you turn to if planning to use your iPad for photography.

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