“Free software downloads” is a term that can often arouse suspicion in many of us as we fear viruses, malware or simply poor quality programs being installed and taking up precious hard drive space. However if you look in the right places using reputable online download sites then it is possible to find useful software for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems available to download for free. Below we list a few of the top free software downloads for 2013.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

free software downloadsSystem: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X or Linux

People accessing your Wi-Fi without your permission can be really annoying. After all why should you pay for someone else to use your Internet connection and usage allowance. The SoftPerfect WiFi Guard can find out if anyone has been accessing your network, performing periodic scans and giving you a list of devices that are or have been connected to the WiFi. If any unrecognised devices are detected then it will give you a warning sign asking for your actions. If you know the device in the warning to be safe then you can give permission and the scanner will not warn you again.

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UndeleteMyFiles Pro

free software downloadsSystem:Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Accidentally deleting a file or preferences can be extremely frustrating when work or settings have to be repeated. The UndeleteMyFiles Pro free software download includes a range of tools such as File Rescue, File Wiper, Media Recover, Mail Rescue and more to find and restore any files that you have deleted by accident. Most versions of software from SeriousBit are normally at premium prices to be able to get this useful tool for free is a real bonus.

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Pointstone Internet Accelerator

free software downloadsSystem:Windows XP/Vista/7/8
A free alternative to the costly option of upgrading your broadband connection to try and speed up your Internet is the free software download Internet Accelerator from Pointstone. The application simple adjusts your set-up to get optimal performance from your different network and Internet settings. This enables your Internet to run a bit quicker and at no extra cost to you.

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OPSWAT Security Score

free software downloadsSystem:Windows XP/Vista/7/8

With the amount of security software that is available for protecting your PC against viruses, malware and unauthorised access it can be hard to keep up with how many security measures you have installed on your system, and more importantly how effective they are. OPSWAT Security score is a free download that scans your system and assesses the different security applications that you have installed, before providing you with a rating and recommendations to improve the security of your computer.

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BitDefender 60 Second Virus Scan

free software downloadsSystem: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Many of the anti-virus systems available for protecting your PC can take an age to scan the whole system and use up much of the resources, restricting the use of the device for other tasks. The 60 Second Virus Scan from BitDefender, whilst not a replacement for the existing security software on your PC, can be useful as a reserve option, when you want to perform a quick scan. It has a simple widget-based interface and checks the critical system areas, getting the scans done in 60 seconds (as the title infers) or quicker, before generating a report for you to view and act on. You can set the frequency of scheduled scans and have the option of scanning the system upon startup.

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