LensFlare Photo Effect App for iPhone

LensFlare Photo Effect App for iPhone

LensFlare Photo Effect App for iPhone

Adding certain effects can really change the impression given by a photograph. There is a large range of photo effects apps available in the iOS app store for adding different effects to liven up drab photos taken with your iPhone or iPad camera. Most of these apps are fairly similar adding “Instagram-style” effects to your photographs. LensFlare an app that adds lighting effects to your photos has recently been made free by the developer for a limited time only. With the cool lighting effects that you can add using this app we recommend it as a top photo effect app for iPhone and iPad.

If you do not like the lens flare that can be caused by taking photos of the sun and direct lighting causing a scattering effect then this is not the app for you. However if you like rings, glares and starburst effects that can be caused by this and incorporate them into your photography then this is definitely something to consider.

Although the app has a very simple-to-use interface it also comes with an in-depth manual to guide you through the steps to adding lens effects. There are over 45 effects included in the package with the option to adjust flare brightness and turn lens dust on and off. The app supports images up to 3073×3072 pixel resolution.

Photos can be taken in-app or imported directly from the camera role. Once you have a photo in the workspace you can tap and drag to position your lens flare and then use the two-finger pinch to adjust the size. You can also rotate the flare to the correct angle within the image. The image can then be saved or you can “render” it to add more flares or use it in external images. Using flares independently in external images is also a possibility as there is the “Save flare only option” to export the flare on a black background. As mentioned before the lens dust feature can be turned on to provide a more realistic look and is controlled from the same interface panel as the flares.

The choice of flares as mentioned is extensive and includes natural light flares, different effects, cinematic and even a full sun effect. The brightness is easily adjusted using a slider and the photographic effects that can be achieved are stunning.

The Good

  • Simple to use interface
  • Large selection of lighting effects
  • Flares can be used in external imaging programs saved on a black background

The Bad

  • We couldn’t find much wrong with this app

The Verdict

As an extra photo editing tool to add to your iPhone camera bag this should be a certain addition if you like light effects. LensFlare might not be for all but while it is available for free it is a great download for adding cool lighting to your photographs to liven them up and be used in conjunction with other apps.

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