Are you bored of the apps that you have on your iPhone? Does it seem that you are not getting the best use out of the device? We have picked out the top free new iPhone apps that have recently been released and you might consider adding to your app selection. Obviously like everything we recommend on Jabbersite, the apps are free and you can check them out and decide if they are worthy of a place on your iPhone’s limited storage system.

free new apps for iphone

Top New Games App-RC Buggy Racing – Free Xtreme Offroad Edition

RC Buggy Race is a totally free game for the iPhone with superb 3D graphics and simple-to-master tilt controls. There is loads of action as you navigate your RC buggy through the offroad courses. Nice effects are a cool soundtrack and the game is also equipped with Game Center support. Well worth a play.

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top free new iphone apps

Top New Education App- Happy Critters

A challenging memory game which offers fun for the whole family, all you have to do is tap two matching critters in a row and watch them disappear. Sounds simple. Well the game has 9 levels and two modes of play with the ability to compete on leader-boards locally and in the Game Center. You can challenge your friends via Game Center and earn accomplishments as you pass each levels. The graphics of the game are high-resolution suiting the latest iPhones and iPads.

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top free new iphone apps

Top New Music App- PlayMusic – Piano, Guitar & Drums

This awesome app lets you play the piano, guitar or drums from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and includes professionally recorded HD sounds for you to simulate the sound of a real instrument. The interface is easy-to-use and the graphics are stunning. Make a band with your friends or learn about playing the instruments before purchasing the real thing.

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top new free iphone apps

Top New Finance App- Easiest Mortgage Calculator

This easy-to-use calculator can really simplify the process of working out your mortgage payments and allow you to include in your calculations other factors such as property tax and private mortgage insurance. The app forgoes any complicated and confusing graphs and charts, giving you the information you need without formulas and other calculations to be made. If you are planning on getting a mortgage or want to work out your current scheme then this is a great app for you.

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top new free apps for iphone

Top New Health & Fitness App- InsaniTime

The InsaniTime app allows you to track prgress for different workouts including Insanity, Asylum Vol.1 & 2, and P90X Hybrids in one place. You plan your workouts via in-app calendars, and can enter completed workouts and workout details as you go. You can learn how long each workout is, to assist you in planning your day and add your measurements day-by-day to see how effective your workout program is being and add notes to remember workout details such as weight lifted etc. And finally if you are confident then you can chart your progress and share it on Facebook and Twitter to keep your friends updated on how your workout schedule is going.
download free apps for iPhone or iPad

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