Free legal video streaming sites enable you to watch video online without the worry that you are breaking the law by watching content that should be licensed. The Internet has made it possible for pirate distributors to copy and share videos online via illegal streaming or download sites via torrents. Many of the free online streaming sites have been found to have been distributing malware, giving you reason to be extra cautious. However there are a number of websites that allow you to settle back and watch a TV show or movie on-demand for free and here’s the great part. They are completely legal with the fees covered in most parts by the advertising on their websites. So for everyone out there who is too cheap to pay the on-demand prices of the -paid-for movies on demand services the following sites should be of some interest.

Free Legal Video Streaming Sites


free legal video streaming sitesYouTube is without a doubt the top free legal video streaming website with the most users. This has made it a key area where videos can go “viral”. While most of the content on YouTube is user generated videos such as movie clips, TV clips, music videos and amateur content, a number of top studios such as Lionsgate, MGM, CBS, the BBC, and SOny Pictures have also made some of their content available through a partnership scheme. While this means that there is minimal free streaming content in comparison to other streaming sites, there is room for other studios to join, but as a forum to discover new video or random video that might interest you, this is the best place to be.

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free legal video streaming sitesHulu has a massive library of movies and TV shows from top studios, including Fox NBC and Disney, keeping up-to-date with a “latest features” section, making it easy for you to keep track of the top shows. Most shows on the site are available in HD. Hulu also hosts original content and is powered by revenue from ads which are displayed on your screen during parts of shows. If you don’t mind spending a bit of money you can remove these by signing up to Hulu Plus membership. As well as eliminating the ads, it also enables you to make the website available on several devices and gives you access to full TV seasons and a further collection of movies.

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free legal video streaming sitesCrackle is a similar site to Hulu and is owned by SOny Pictures and run from their studio. Most of the site content is features from the Sony library with such classics as Ghostbusters, CLose Encounters of the Third Kind and Karate Kid, being just some of the titles that are available on Crackle. The site also plays host to a load od orignial web series such as Trenches which have set records for online viewing. This sets it apart and make it the best place to view original web TV shows.

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free legal video streaming sitesSimilar to YouTube, Vimeo is a video sharing website, which has a selection of user generated content available to search and stream online. Most of the content is short movies, skits, and portfolios, featuring a wide array of video artists and supporting HD and widescreen formats.

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Another way of streaming video for free is directly from the studio website or app itself. This will normally only work if you live in the same country in which that studio is based and the studios do not normally release the videos normally until a week after they have been shown on TV. Still it gives you access to the top shows on TV and all legally.

We just ask that you be careful out there. If a website offers what seems to good to be true or attaches conditions for you watching a video such as completing a survey then it is most probably illegal. Websites without contact details asking for credit card details are most likely illegal as are sites that stream the latest videos almost immediately or show videos in poor quality. Stream free video from reputable sources or pay a little bit to ensure that you get the quality and safety that you require. Happy viewing.

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