Continuing on in our search to find the top free apps for Windows Phone, we have sourced the apps below. As storage space on a mobile phone is limited, it is important to make sure that you get the best apps on your phone for functionality and space. More importantly the apps must suit what you use your phone for. If you do not find what you are looking for in the top apps then feel free to comment and suggest other apps that Jabbersite readers might like for their Windows phone.

flashlight x for windows phoneFlashlight-X

Flashlight-X is an app that can add another full feature to your Windows Phone by turning the camera flash into a flashlight for you to find your way in the dark. All you have to do is turn on the app and the flash will illuminate providing constant light without flickering. A great app to have

Get Flashlight-X for Windows Phone

Connectivity shortcuts for windows phoneConnectivity Shortcuts

One of the more annoying features about the Windows phone operating system is having to go through a number of menus to access features such as WiFi. Connectivity Shortcuts is a free app enabling you to quickly access your WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular and Airplane mode settings and place shortcuts to these on the start screen and giving you full control in a couple of taps.

Get Connectivity Shortcuts for Windows Phone

skydrive for windows phoneSkydrive

With Windows Phone being made by Microsoft, the natural cloud storage app to work with is Skydrive. This allows you to manage and share your files online and across devices. You can veiw files shared with you, upload documents and photos as well as edit and delete office files and folders.

Get Skydrive for Windows Phone


kindle for windows phoneKindle

If you like to use your Windows phone as an eReader then the best app to get is the Amazon kindle app, which allows you to read free or purchased downloaded ebooks from the massive Amazon selection of over 750,000 titles. The app is ideally optimised for mobile devices and automatically syncs with any other Kindle accounts you have to make sure you keep your place in what you are currently reading.

Get Amazon Kindle for Windows Phone

camera 360 for Windows phoneCamera 360

Camera 360 is one of the more popular apps for photo editing and sharing available for Windows Phone and the most popular photo app on mobiles worldwide.The app includes a number of cool photo filters and a multitude of special effects and editing options. You can preview you changes in real time and share across networks via the app. A must-have for any Windows Phone user.

Get Camera 360 for Windows Phone

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