top free  app for iphone quiz up

top free  app for iphone quiz up

top free  app for iphone quiz up

Quiz Up a community trivia game for iOS devices is considered to be the top free app for iPhone. The community based app is a simple trivia app which allows you to answer questions against another opponent head-to-head on any one of hundreds of available topics. The app allows you to login with either an email or your Facebook account and compare your activity with friend’s scores.

Once you have launched the app and signed in, you have a choice of any category you can think of. Actually our first advice is to access the settings and disable the music and sound effects as these do tend to get on one’s nerves. But once this is done the scope of topics is incredible from your favourite TV shows to general knowledge or specialist subjects. You are also able to add you own quizzes as a contributor for other players to test themselves against.

Once you have chosen a topic then you can start a quiz in a head-to-head contest against a computer-selected online opponent. The format of the quiz is that you must answer the 7 questions as quickly as possible. The longer you take to answer a question then the less points you get for it. The person with the most points at the end of the quiz is the winner. You can demand rematches if you lose and advance onto the next level. The more you play and win then the higher your rating becomes and you have the chance to share your status with your friends on Facebook.

Make no mistake, this is a highly addictive game which will have you constantly striving to answer more quizzes in an attempt to rank higher. If you get bored of a particular topic there are so many to choose from you will always have another to do. It is also good for improving your own knowledge as well as kind of a bonus.

The Good

  • Easy to use interface and well-designed application
  • Hundreds of topics to choose from
  • Ranking system allows competition between friends and other Internet users
  • Improve your own knowledge

The Bad

  • Need online connection to compete against others

The Verdict

Quiz Up is fast becoming one of the most played iPhone games available and its addictiveness and simplicity could well merit it a position as the top free app for iPhone. Certainly it keeps you wanting to play and builds your own knowledge at the same time. A good competitive community enables you to compete with friends and others. This is an app that is certain to fill in those spare moments you have for iPhone gaming and perhaps a little while longer.

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