Email is the main communication method used by a lot of businesses to send information from short messages to detailed documents with attachment. It is also a favoured tool for people to communicate bewteen each other in everyday life, having really replaced the old letter (“snail mail”). There are a number of free email service providers that enable you to have an email address and access your email from any web connection around the world. Ignorance of other email service providers tends to keep people loyal to the first email provider they use, despite any problems they have with it. But as features have improved you should examine all free email service providers to see which one will work best for you.

Things to consider when you are choosing your free email service are an effective spam filter, plenty of storage space, a user-friendly interface and if possible a desktop client for easy access to your email from your computer.

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Gmail is possibly the best of the free email service providers, with a simple and user-friendly system for storing, sending and reading emails. The storage offered by Gmail is over 10GB and users also have access to a chat feature offering voice and video chat. There is search capability to retrieve emails and Gmail messages are grouped together by subject, enabling you toread all replies in a message stream. Gmail’s spam filter is superb and you can access your email through mobile devices via the mobile web or Gmail apps. It is also free to forward to your desktop/tablet/mobile email client such as MS Outlook or Apple Mail for quick and convenient email retrieval.

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free email service is Microsoft’s replacement for the popular free email service. New features that Outlook incorporates are a more tidy interface with the notable absence of ads. With the most up-to-date design, Outlook incorporates social network connections from within your email account and you can also integrate Skydrive, which includes the Office Web Apps for Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

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Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail remains one of the best free email service providers on both the web and mobile devices. Storage offered is unlimited and the service includes social networking, instant chat messaging including video and SMS texting. From inside your mailbox it is possible for you to view the slideshows, photos and videos that have been sent to you and the sending capability allows you to send up to 50 files or 100MB in one email. The service stores your emails in a well-organized system, including priority sorting for items such as newsletters.

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The features of Zoho such as the calendar, task manager, nots and instand chat and futher business apps, show Zoho mail to be a great option for professionals. With easy set-up and maintenance Zoho mail includes no ads or scanning of emails for keywords for ads The free lite version of Zoho give 5GB mail storage, with push email and mobile sync capability. It allows for the registration of one domain name but this can be increased of you upgrade to the paid version.

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free email service provides unlimited storage for your emails and the ability to send up to 50MB in one email attachment. It can be used on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry and Android devices and includes an online calendar. One of the more interesting features of your Mail account is you can selected the email domain name from a chjoice of over 200 domains such as your [email protected] The default email is [email protected] The email account can be set up to receive and reply to all of your emails from your mail address.

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