When trying to find software for download on the web, free Mac software is often harder to come by, as a majority of software was originally developed for Windows rather than the OSX operating system. However we have picked out 10 of the best free Mac software downloads available online that will add productivity, communication tools, media management and more to your system. And all for free!

Free Mac Software- Internet Browsing and Communication

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Google Chrome

While you might see the default browser Safari as enough, the Google Chrome browser for Mac is preferred by us over Firefox. It provides fast, functional Internet browsing and you can sync between all of your devices (including iOS and Android) that are running a Chrome app. This makes it a great tool for going back to something you found on another device, or “picking up where you left” off, making it the browser of choice for us.

Download Google Chrome
free mac software


Providing an alternative to Facetime, which only allows video calling between Apple device users, Skype is the best video calling option available. You can make free video calls and IM chat to any other Skype user as well as cheap rate calls and SMS to mobile phones and landlines around the world.

Download Skype
free mac software


Being able to catch up with the news from your favourite papers and stations is best done via an RSS feed. NetNewsWire is our preferred free RSS reader app for Mac and is able to sync with Google Reader and has an iPhone version for your iOS device. The app has a three-paned interface and is able to fetch feeds from millions of blogs and websites worldwide.

Download NetNewsWire

Free Mac Software- Media

free mac software


The free app Handbrake’s function is converting video files and ripping videos from DVDs. Once you have learned to use the software (which can take a little time), it is a great option for extracting video files from DVDs and converting media files for streaming or use on iPhones or other mobile devices.

Download Handbrake
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For those of you who are searching for an alternative to iTunes, which comes deault with every Mac machine, then you can not go far wrong by using a streaming service. Spotify provides a powerful alternative and as long as you have an Internet connection then you can listen to as many tracks as you want with your Spotify account. Other alternatives to iTunes really do not come cheap, hence why we recommend the streaming route.

Download Spotify
free mac software


StreamToMe is the easiest way for you to turn your Mac into a movie streaming device. Once installed you can send video to your iPhone, iPad or other computers. The latest Stream to me upgrade can attach to your TV to turn your Mac into a home media center for all your files.

Download StreamToMe

Free Mac Software- Utilities

free mac software


Dropbox is an alternative cloud storage to iCloud, which allows you to sync your files between all your devices with Dropbox apps installed on them. This allows you to work on your computer, tablet or smartphone and save the work before continuing it on another device. Another great use for Dropbox is sharing files. You can simply give someone the link to a Dropbox folder and they can access the files in it, which is a great alternative to sending files over email or IM services and quicker. You get 2GB file space free but it is also easy to get more free space.

Download Dropbox
free mac software


Crashplan is an easy-to-use backup service which is free, when you use it with an external hard drive. It is imperative that you back up your system often to avoid losing data and Crashplan is the easiest bulletproof backup system to use. Even the paid-for features of Crashplan are cheaper than alternatives so it is definitely an app you might want to look in to.

Download CrashPlan

Free Mac Software- Productivity

free mac software


CoBook is an address book alternative to Contacts on Mac and contains a load of features on top including social media integration, automatic updates and a fast search. Mac Contacts might be catching up but if you want the best address book for Mac then look no further.

Download CoBook
free mac software


Quicksilver is a keyboard app-launcher, which enables you to access all of your files, applications, contacts and bookmarks within a few keystrokes. While it can take a little bit of effort to get used to using it, once you do, then you can use it to quickly write emails, control your iTunes and browse arounf your file system. This can make performing everyday duties on the Mac a lot easier.

Download Quicksilver

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