The iPad Mini has been an instant hit since its release in late 2012, quickly overtaking the sales of the larger versions of the tablet. The smaller screen is compensated for by similar savings in weight and dimensions, enabling you to easily hold the device in one hand. The majority of apps available for larger iPads function well on the iPad Mini, however we would like to draw your attention to ten of the best free iPad Mini apps, which can really enable you to get the best out of your device.

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Flipboard is an excellent app which transforsm your iPad Mini into a book-like news browser. You can set which types of news you would like to be included in your feeds, and even view your Facebook and Twitter news feeds in the app. The app arranges each story into a few pages, which you can flip between with a simple swipe of the finger. It is supremely easy to navigate and makes browsing news stories online an absolute joy, fully taking advantage of the iPad Mini’s size and weight.

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Jasmine YouTube Client

While there is a YouTube app available for iPad, Jasmine YouTube Client gets our nod ahead of the fairly unremarkable Google app. With Jasmine you can keep up-to-date with your favourite YouTube channels and easily upload videos to your own YouTube profile. Unlike other Youtube viewing apps the sleek interface only displays what it is necessary for you to see, only adding to the display, requested functions. Navigating around youTube is very simple with this app, making watching streamed home videos on your device an easy pleasurable experience.

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Instagram has been an hit with iPhone users with its ability to apply a selection of filters to photos and share them online. While the iPad Mini is still a bit cumbersome for taking photos, if you do like to use it for capturing moments then you can use the Padgram app to view and share your photos and view your friends photos from Instagram, taking advantage of the iPad Mini’s larger screen.

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While the provided Facetime and Messages apps might be all you need for video calling and instant messaging on your iPad Mini, they do restrict you to only being able to contact friends and contacts with Apple devices. The Skype app allows you to make free video calls to other Skype members on any device or operating system, and it is even possible to make cheap international and local calls to landlines and mobile using money which you add to your Skype account. Easily communicate for free with people all around the globe.

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An app to access the world’s largest social network is on the “must-have” list of most iPad Mini owners. The Facebook app for the iPad is actually a hark back to when the network was more simple, containing only the basic features you need to keep your profile updated and communicate with other Facebook users. It is a great app for managing your Facebook profile on-the-go and uses the iPad’s features to effectively display information and make the network easily navigable for you.

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Managing multiple social profiles has become a must for many business owners, as well as those of you who like to be on as many networks as possible. The Hootsuite app allows you to run up to five separate network profiles from the top social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn. Save yourself time by having to write one post for all networks rather than individual posts. Check all your profile updates in one platform. Hootsuite is a great app for managing social media campaigns and used in conjunction with the web-based version can be a very effective tool.

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Paper by FiftyThree is an app which conceivably can put your iPad Mini in a position to replace an old notebook or sketchpad. Using a stylus or even your finger, you can sketch, write and create digital flip-pads and store them all on your iPad. A range of different pen styles and colours allows you to be really creative, to the point of creating minor works of art. A real app for those who are reluctant to completely abandon the old pen and paper.

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The smaller size of the iPad Mini make it a perfect sized eReader, which you can comfortably hold in one hand. The iBooks app takes our vote over Kindle due to the fact that you can buy and download titles from directly in the app. You can adjust the text and page style to suit your preferences and flipping between pages is simply done with a swipe of the finger. The way that the books are displayed too is eye-catching in the “library” mode, although a simple alphabetical listing mode is also available.

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Being able to access files to quickly work on them is a crucial part of the iPad’s productivity features. Dropbox is the ideal app for accessing cloud-stored files from the iPad Mini, allowing you to work on the files on your iPad or another device and constantly keep the file saved and updated. Now you can work on projects from any device and the cloud-storage can also give you extra peace-of-mind in the knowledge that if the iPad is broken or stolen your information will remain stored and accessible via the Dropbox account.

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Do you ever find something you want to read on the web, but do not have time and make a note to return to find the article to read it. The Pocket app allows you to save any item that you find in an online source, so that you can access it again from anywhere and read it later even without an Internet connection. Pocket can be synced across devices, meaning that you can read an item on your iPad Mini that you came across while browsing on your desktop PC. A beautiful layout makes it easy to view your articles, videos and the ability to save content from over 300 apps and browsers makes Pocket a must-have app for your iPad Mini.

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