What are the best free iPad apps? The Apple iPad has led the way in the emergence of tablet computers as a more convenient alternative to a laptop computer and bridging the gap between laptop and the smaller smartphone. While there are thousands of apps available for download including free iPad apps, we have picked out a selection of the top 10 best free iPad apps. With these apps you can pack out your iPad or iPad Mini with the best and most useful features and really utilise it properly for work and play functions.

Best Free iPad Apps

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The Flipboard app really comes into its own on the iPad in comparison to its smaller smartphone versions. The size of the screen on the iPad or iPad Mini really suit the app and it transforms your device into a book-like news browser. You can set which news feeds you would like to receive from the major news channels and sites, and even set the app to receive any RSS feed you specify and your Facebook and Twitter account news feeds. The layout allows you to flip from page to page and story to story with a simple swipe of the finger. Flipboard really is a fantastic free iPad app.

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The iPad and especially the iPad Mini are great sizes for acting as an eReader. The most supported eReader app for the iPad is the Apple-managed iBooks. iBooks acts as both a reading library and store front, where you can go to purchase books from the iTunes store. There are also numerous titles available for free. The reading area is fully customisable with regard to text size and page colour and you can also view your PDF files in iBooks.

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Your iPad is designed to replace the incovenience of having to open up a laptop or desktop computer to perform functions. The Facebook app for iPad utilises the functionality of the iPad and enables you to update, share, message and upload to your Facebook profile, as well as use Facebook apps. In fact it cuts out a few of the more tiresome features of the main desktop browser site, and harkens back to the early simpler versions of the social network. But all-in-all this is an ideal app for managing your Facebook profile while on-the-go.

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Jasmine YouTube Client

YouTube was one of the default apps dropped by Apple in recent iOS updates, and the replacement app while functional is unremarkable. We pick Jasmine YouTube Client as the best app to access YouTube and view videos, keep up-to-date with your favourite YouTube channels and upload videos to your profile. The sleek interface rarely displays more than you need to see and makes navigating around the video network a breeze.

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Paper by FiftyThree

Paper is a sketch app that allows you to create digital flip pads and draw, note and create works of art. Premium add-ons add to the quality of the app, which won Apple’s top awards in 2012. If you are creative person then this should be the first app you get, and it can also be useful for quick note taking when you want to write rather than type.

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Izik is a new app for iPad which takes advantage of the iPad features to bring you a new quality search app. While obviously you can easily perform a search on Google or Bing in your browser, Izik displays your results in a slick scrollable way with headlines, images and descriptions to view. The results are organised into categories and control is done via gestures, swiping vertically to see more categories and horizontally to see more results, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

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iTunes U

iTunes U is now a default app included by Apple in the iOS, making it possible to use your iPad for free digital courses devised by Stanford, Yale, MoMA, and other noted leading universities and schools.You can use this to save on costly higher learning courses, or if you are still in school then a number of university courses are now being structured to include course segments presented on iTunes U, which you can easily access.

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Find My iPhone

The title of the app is misleading as Find My iPhone is every bit as useful a tool for locating your iPad in the event that it is lost or stolen. Using Find My iPhone from another iPod, iPad, iPhone or the website you can track the signal of your iPad to its geographical location. iOS 6 users can shut down the iPad, so that it only displays your phone number while you track its movements and location.

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Dropbox is a cloud storage app, which can be of use when you wish to use your iPad as a work tool. Simply save your work in the Dropbox folder and you can open it in a Dropbox folder on another machine, enabling you to continue on work projects no matter where your location. It also enables you to store files from the iPad, leaving you safe in the knowledge that in the event that the iPad is lost or broken, your files are still intact and retrievable. The app acts as a substitute for iCloud, which is particuarly handy if you are not running all Apple devices and switching between iPad, PC and Android for example.

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Imo Messenger

Rather than running numerous different instant messaging and VOIP apps at the same time, Imo Messenger allows you to run multiple profiles from different providers in the same system. This saves you the hassle of switching between apps every time you get a new message, and saves much-needed drive space as you only need to have the one app. Supported messaging services include Skype, Facebook, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and many more.

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