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Best Free Alternatives to WhatsApp to Send Free Messages

messenging services
WhatsApp instant messenger is one of the most popular ways of sending messages for free between mobile devices. the app is available for a number of platforms and requires just the registration of a phone number in order to use it. However WhatsApp only covers sending instant text, photo and voice messages, so if you would like an app...

iPad Car App- Use Your iPad as an On-Board Computer

ipad car app iCarConnect HD
A number of the features that are included in the iPad and the thousands of apps that are available to download for the device are useful for drivers. The iPad can become an effective substitute for your car computer using a good iPad car app. iCarConnect HD is an iPad car app that is free for a limited time...

Top Free App for iPhone- Quiz Up Trivia Game

top free app for iphone quiz up
Quiz Up a community trivia game for iOS devices is considered to be the top free app for iPhone. The community based app is a simple trivia app which allows you to answer questions against another opponent head-to-head on any one of hundreds of available topics. The app allows you to login with either an email or your...

How Can I Tell if I Have Been Blocked on WhatsApp?

blocked on whatsapp
Occasionally you might get a contact that you do not want to communicate with any more through WhatsApp and feel that it is necessary to block them. While WhatsApp claim that they cannot show for sure if you are blocked due to privacy reasons, there are a few indicators to find out if someone else has blocked you. We...

How to Turn Your iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot

turn iphone into wifi hotspot
WiFi technology is the most common way for devices to be able to access the Internet if they do not have their own connection. It is possible to buy mobile dongles to plug into a computer or tablet to access the Internet this way but this is an unnecessary expense if you have an iPhone which can share its...
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