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Top Free VoIP Services for Making Free Online Calls

make free phone calls online
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has made it possible for Internet users to make free online calls to other members of the same VoIP network. This can dramatically cut costs for a business or if you want to make international calls which are traditionally charged at a premium rate. All you need to do to set up free VoIP...

Top 5 Free Email Service Providers

free email service
Email is the main communication method used by a lot of businesses to send information from short messages to detailed documents with attachment. It is also a favoured tool for people to communicate bewteen each other in everyday life, having really replaced the old letter ("snail mail"). There are a number of free email service providers that enable you...

10 Best Free iPhone Games- 2013

iphone scuba apps
Choosing from the thousands of free iPhone games available on the iTunes store is not the easiest task in the world. You want to have the best games and make the most of the limited storage space on your iPhone. Most importantly you want games that are great for killing time, when you are at a loose end with...

Tips for Safe Downloading Online

free software downloads
While it is tempting to download every piece of free software you can lay your hands on (after all it is free), this is not a good practice to take to protect your computer and your bank account. Safe downloading online requires you to take certain steps to ensure that the software that you are downloading is safe and...

Top Free Legal Video Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online

free tv streaming
Free legal video streaming sites enable you to watch video online without the worry that you are breaking the law by watching content that should be licensed. The Internet has made it possible for pirate distributors to copy and share videos online via illegal streaming or download sites via torrents. Many of the free online streaming sites have been...
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