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Clipchat App Review- Send Short Videos and Photos on iPhone

clipchat app review
ClipChat is the newest social network that has an innovative way for users to share photos and videos with their iPhone or Android smartphone. The app allows you to send videos of up to 5 seconds and photos to your network friends and followers. Once the images or videos have been viewed by you friend then they are deleted...

Best Websites for Free Sports Streaming Online

There are occasionally times such as when you are away from home or maybe working hard at the office when you are unable to get to a TV to catch a sports game. Sites that offer free sports streaming can enable you to watch a game via an Internet connection. Whether this is legal to do is a very...

Sticks Tennis Game for iOS and Android Review

tennis game for ios and android
As the Wimbledon tennis championships get underway in Britain this week, we are taking the opportunity to review a tennis game for iOS and Android devices allowing you to emulate the LTA stars and keep yourself amused at the same time. Sticks Tennis is a simple-to-use free tennis simulation game app, whether you can control a player using swipe...

Top Free SEO Tools for Beginners

free seo tools
When you start a new website it is important to get it listed and as easy to find by the search engines as possible. After all you can have the best most beautiful website in the world, but if no-one can find it then it might as well not exist. There are a number of free SEO tools available...

Best Free PDF to Word Converter

PDF to word converter
A free PDF to Word converter can be an absolute necessity when you receive a PDF file that you wish to edit and type text into. PDFs are the best way to share information as they display the same format on every computer they are used on. However if you want to edit PDF files on Word rather than...
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