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Best Free Translator Apps

best free translator apps
When you are in a foreign country or trying to communicate with someone who does not speak your language, a translator can be an invaluable service. While hiring a human translator is not the most practical solution there is now a good selection of free translator apps available for iOS and Android devices to assist you in reading and...

Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives -Save on Suites

free microsoft office alternatives
Microsoft Office whilst being a great tool and containing a number of useful features such as the Word processor, Excel spreadsheet creator and Powerpoint presentation author, is also known for being terribly expensive to obtain a license for older software and an ongoing subscription for the latest software. For those of you who do not not fancy paying high...

Scrabble App Review – Classic Game Free on iPad & iPhone

scrabble app review
The classic crossword board game Scrabble is now available as a free app for the iPad and iPhone, a prospect which should have countless fans of the original game rushing to download it. Think of the advantages of being able to take Scrabble everywhere without having to worry about the board game taking up space and still being able...

Top Free Google Reader Alternatives

free google reader alternatives
The popular RSS service Google Reader is due to be shut down as of July 2013. There are a number of free Google Reader alternatives available online for obtaining your RSS feeds from different websites and blogs. These alternatives range from traditional RSS reader styles to more innovative designs for your personal news reader. We list the best of...

Best Free Stuff Online 2013

free stuff online
For those of you who have been trawling through all of the different articles on Jabbersite about the fantastic variety of quality programs and downloads that you can find online, it can seem like too much information. I mean yes all these free programs are great but which ones do you actually need? To help you out I have...
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