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Best Free Evernote Productivity Apps

Evernote App Review
Evernote is a productivity app that is available on Mac and Windows computer systems and iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices. The ingenious app system allow you to quickly add notes, pictures and links to a notepad which can then be synced across all of you devices with Evernote on them and quickly accessed when you need the...

Free iPad Drive Cleaner- Remove Unwanted Data from Your iOS Device

icleaner app for iPad
Deleted content on your iPhone or iPad is not always totally erased and the unwanted files and data can unnecessarily clutter up your device drive causing slower performance and reduced security and privacy function. This week on the app store you can download free iPad drive cleaner iCleaner to get started removing unwanted data from your iPad or iPhone. Free...

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins to Download

How to setup a Wordpress website
Wordpress is the most popular CMS in the world and as a result there are thousands of free Wordpress plugins available to assist you in creating a dynamic blog or website. While it is difficult to pick just ten from this mammoth selection, we have picked the ones which we feel will assist you the most in building the...

TECH NEWS- Thai Police Request Access to Free Messaging App Records

Line free messaging app
In a move that is surprisingly contrary to the current world mood regarding monitoring of citizens by governments, the Royal Thai Police and Thai national government have requested that the free messaging app Line give access to their archives of online chat conversations. They claim that the reason for this is to extract information on people with suspected criminal...

Free phone app for cheap and free international calls- Maaii Review

Maaii app features
The Hong Kong-based app Maaii is a free-to-download app which allows you to make cheap or free international calls. While phone credit for cheap calls in the app is actually required, it is possible for you to earn free credits by sharing the app with your friends over a variety of channels and you will be surprised how...
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