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Top Free Photo Editing App for iPhone- Instaflash Review

Instaflash free photo editing app for iphone
A common issue that has been had with iPhone cameras is the flash. Like many camera flashes it can provide too much light giving unnaturally light colours in your photos. A solution to this is to turn off the camera flash and take longer exposure photos to gain more natural colouring. However this can result in many areas of...

Top Free Apps for Windows Phone (Part 2)

top free apps for windows phone
Continuing on in our search to find the top free apps for Windows Phone, we have sourced the apps below. As storage space on a mobile phone is limited, it is important to make sure that you get the best apps on your phone for functionality and space. More importantly the apps must suit what you use your phone...

News- BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android Launches

BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android
From today BlackBerry Messenger is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the App Store, the Google Play Store and select Samsung stores. Actually the release of the app was originally scheduled for last month but delayed due to an early Android app version being leaked prematurely. The company claims that "about 1 million Android...

Top Free Apps for Windows Phone (Part 1)

top free apps for windows phone
Have you just bought a Windows Phone but have no idea what apps you can get for it? Unlike Apple iOS and android apps the available titles for Windows phones are not as well documented so people are often at a loss as to what to install. It is true that the title selection is not as large as...

Free Voice Translator App for iPhone and iPad

Voice translator app for iphone and ipad
Finding a decent voice translator can be an essential part of preparing for a trip to a country where you don't speak the language. Voice translators can assist you in communicating with locals quickly without having to find the relevant phrase in a book. Voice Translator is a free voice translator app for iPhone and iPad which has recently...
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