Available free for Android, Kindle and iOS devices including the latest iPads and iPhones, Subway Surfers is a 3rd-person endless runner game, in which the objectives are to evade cops, collect coins and avoid trains. The build of the Kiloo-released app is similar to that of the popular Temple Run games, however Subway Surfers uses an incentive-based mission system for progression through the game, with features such as daily challenges and missions to collect a certain amount of coins on a single run. Added to this you are given a chance to power-up your ability to avoid trains with extras such as a hoverboard (every kids dream in the ’80) trainers and a jetpack. The result of this is a highly addictive and excellent time-consuming app.

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subway surfers review
Your in-game character is controlled 3rd-person from the back using a variety of gestures, swiping up to jump over objects, down to roll under them and left/right to move from side to side and avoid collisions. Double-tapping the screen will allow the character to use his hoverboard for a shorter time and enjoy invincibility. If you accidentally swipe into a train or a wall then the policeman and his dog will first get closer to you and if you repeat the mistake then you will be caught and taken back to recommence from the start. Whilst you are passing through the colourful subway landscape you need to collect coins and other rewards and power-ups to increase your points score and unlock further rewards. There is a large cast of 10 characters, each of which can be unlocked in different ways (and you can waste a lot of time trying to figure out how).

The app includes an in-game score where you can purchase power-ups and other items using your coins earned in the game, or you can purchase coins from the Apple App or Google Play stores to buy your in-game upgrades without having to spend countless hours earning the coins.

As with most game apps which include scores, Subway Surfers has a Facebook integration so you can earn your boasting rights by comparing top scores with your friends.
Subway surfers review
If I had to be critical about anything in the game then the music can get a bit annoying, but that is a fairly common problem for any game with looping music, so consider it a very minor issue. On-the-whole though the game is great fun, with good characters, colourful levels and highly addictive gameplay, making it hard to put down as you constantly strive to improve your score and beat your friends.
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