Installing all the free software that you can find through recommendations can leave your computer bogged down and slow, with many apps that you simply don’t use, even though the download seemed like a good idea at the time. But when you look at your file system it can be confusing and you have no idea which to remove. A free uninstaller app for Windows called “Should I Remove It?” can assist you in removing unused programs and bloatware from your system, and help you identify what is worth keeping and what can be discarded to free up drive space.

How It Works

Should I remove it
Upon launch the app software scans your computer hard drive and presents you with a list of all installed programs, complete with a rating. The higher the program scores in the rating, the better and you can also see a removal percentage, indicating how many app users have removed this program from their systems.

Once you click on the program you will see two buttons. “What is It” opens a browser page from the developer Reason Software, which presents you with comprehensive information on the program. Loads of background data is provided from countries where the program is popular, to what PC hardware has it installed on.Once you have read that information you can then decide whether to click the second button; “Uninstall.” This way you get to quickly review files and what they do before removing them from your system.

The Good

  • Free
  • Easy-to-use interface, makes removing files a breeze.
  • Large Database of software to help you find out about individual program functions

The Bad

  • Won’t detect programs not on the database
  • Does not fully remove all files such as shortcuts during the uninstall

The Verdict

“Should I Remove It?”, despite its flaws is a really useful application for anyone looking to clean up their PC drive and remove junk files that are not really used. The functionality is not just limited to users of old operating systems, it can be used by new PC owners to remove factory-installed bloatware and avoid having to re-format the drive. To be on the safe side you might want to use it in conjunction with another uninstall program to perform the “housekeeping” tasks in the uninstall process, but overall a must-have for tidying up your PC drive.

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Should I remove it

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