remove junk files from iPhone

remove junk files from iPhone

Is your iPhone, iPad or iPod running much slower than the first time you used it. Do apps take consistently longer to load? One possible reason for this is that there are too many junk files stored on your iOS device. Like all operating systems iPhones and iPads can become clogged with bad memories as junk files fill up. As the difference in price between iPhones and iPads can be as much as $100/ size upgrade many of us have opted for low capacity devices and thus space is particuarly precious. The steps below demonstrate how to remove junk files from iPhone or iPad using a free app for PC and Mac to clean unwanted files.

How to Remove Junk Files From iPhone or iPad Using PhoneClean

  1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your PC or Mac with the provided USB cable. Perform the standard iTunes sync.
  2. Open your Internet browser. Navigate to the download page for PhoneClean. The PhoneClean download will begin automatically. The simple software is designed to remove caches and temp files from your iOS device to make it run faster and smoother.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and install the software. Double-click on the program icon to launch PhoneClean.
  4. Click on “QuickClean” in the home menu. Check the items that you wish to clean. Select “Start Scan.”
  5. Click on “Toolbox” in the home menu, to clean corrupt files from the device. Click on “Media Clean.” Check the corrupt files that you wish to remove and click on “Clean.”
  6. Select “Deep Clean from the main menu and follow through the process to remove SMS and iMessage files.

On average performing a routine clean with the PhoneClean app should help you reclaim 40-60% storage space on your iPhone or iPad, which can be a massive deal on the limited-space devices.

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