The popular website IFTTT (acronym of “If This Then That”) is now supported by an app for iPhone. Like the website the app enables you to trigger an action automatically when an event takes place. The user simply has to build a “recipe” to create the action. The app is supported by many different channels of different websites and services.

automate actions appUpon launching the app and creating an account, you can begin to build your own recipes to automate actions. An example is when you post a photo to Instagram, an action is triggered which immediately backs up that image to your Dropbox or GoogleDrive account. There are over 60 different channels that you can create actions between including the major Google apps and social networks. An improvement which has been brought about by the inclusion of an iPhone app is that three iOS channels are now supported by the IFTTT framework, which are Contacts Photos and Reminders. The integration is in-depth enough to narrow selections to certain criteria such as the iPhone camera it was taken on or just screenshots.

The Good

  • Automate all actions and save yourself business maintenance time
  • Simple interface to set up recipes

The Bad

  • Not every recipe will work
  • iOS actions not automated unless background sync is enabled wasting battery life

The Verdict

The IFTTT iPhone action automate app is an app with an immense amount of possibilities. You can set up a combination of recipes to increasingly automate your life. Do you want to be notified every time your favorite blog writer posts an article? Set up a recipe to download all new articles. Want to add all new orders to your main spreadsheet? Set up a command to add orders to a Google spreadsheet, immediately they are placed. Want to add a name for everyone who uses a Twitter hashtag? Set up a spreadsheet entry every time the hashtag is used. It is unbelievable what you can set up IFTTT to do. Download this app today and begin to get your life automated.
automate actions app

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