voice translator for iphone
voice translator for iphone

voice translator for iphone

Finding a decent voice translator can be an essential part of preparing for a trip to a country where you don’t speak the language. Voice translators can assist you in communicating with locals quickly without having to find the relevant phrase in a book. Voice Translator is a free voice translator app for iPhone and iPad which has recently been made free by the developers Smart Loft, from a previously premium price. However with the massive array of people’s accents dialects and pronunciation it is very difficult to find a free voice translator app that works well. How does this offering measure up?

Once you launch the app you are immediately on the main screen. Pick the language you are translating from and the language that you wish to translate to from the drop down menus at the base of the screen. You can then choose to record what you wish to say for translation or if you have a little more time then type it into the dialogue box at the top of the screen. The voice recorder finds it difficult to pick words from different accents even if you speak slowly so typing exactly what you want to say is generally the best option.

Once the app has translated your words, it will playback the translation. The playback annoyingly comes through the device ear speaker rather than the other iPhone/iPad speakers. This makes it immensely quiet and it can be quiet difficult to hear what it is saying. As though this problem is already anticipated a written translation is also provided on screen. If you recorded your voice then you can also check that the app interpreted the correct words for you.

The app uses Google Translate as its engine so is susceptible to the same problems encountered with that engine. It might be a quick-fix solution to what you need but there are some flaws. To be honest the actual make up of the app is fairly good but the inability to hear the translation well is a major problem. Not all the languages I tried translating into provided a voice translation and in may cases the translations were not completely correct. You will need an online connection at all times to use the app so be prepared to have a foreign data package or expect large roaming charges. Otherwise you are limited to using the app only in areas with WiFi.

The Good

  • Instant voice translation service
  • Receive translations in 33 languages in voice or text.
  • Simple-to-use layout and functionality

The Bad

  • Very difficult to hear translation
  • Poor voice recognition
  • Incorrect translations in less common languages
  • App requires Internet to function

The Verdict

The search for a great free voice translator app must go on. While Voice translator does offer a quick-fire solution to communication problems when in a foreign country, the well thought-out features still need tweaking and refining to make them work better and add the expected functionality. That said this app is free so if you just need a back up translation app when you are on vacation then look no further. For in-depth communication though this app might be found wanting.

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