icleaner app for iphoneDeleted content on your iPhone or iPad is not always totally erased and the unwanted files and data can unnecessarily clutter up your device drive causing slower performance and reduced security and privacy function. This week on the app store you can download free iPad drive cleaner iCleaner to get started removing unwanted data from your iPad or iPhone.

Free iPad Driver Cleaner- iCleaner Review

iCleaner once launched has a simple-to-use interface. You can choose how much data you would like to remove fro the device, including a complete clean of the drive removing all private data, which can be useful if you are looking to sell your device or give it to another user.

Data which iCleaner can remove includes:

  • Safari cookies, browsing history, cache files
  • Application WebClip caches, cookies, temporary files, snapshots, in-depth application file cleanup (useful/important information isn’t touched)
  • Log files and crash reports
  • System cache files and databases
  • System temporary files
  • The app also features a smart scanner which detects if apps such as Facebook or Twitter are adding multiple files to your iOS device and removes files that you don’t need associated with these apps.

    The application can be run in the background and works quickly and efficiently, cleaning your drive of all unseen, unneeded data. The developer advises that an added bonus of the file removal is extra drive space, however this is not the primary purpose of the app.

    The Good

    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Quickly removes unwanted data
    • Works in background allowing you to multi-task
    • Smart scanner

    The Bad

    • We can’t find a specific problem

    The Verdict

    Since this app is now available free in the app store, it is definitely worth downloading it and putting it to work maybe once a month to remove unneeded data from your device and free up space and privacy issues. The app can also be great for cleaning up a device to sell or pass on to a new user, protecting your data from being accessed by others. Few people appreciate just how their iPad or iPhone runs and stores data and this can improve the efficiency of that process. Download it today.

    Get iClean from the iTunes App store


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