The design of the YouTube video sharing site is such that users can only watch the videos from within the website, embedded on another website or via a YouTube-associated app. This can be frustrating for people who want to download their favourite videos to watch later when they are offline. However it is possible to download YouTube videos for free using a YouTube Video downloader tool. All of the tools follow a very simple procedure for you to quickly download your YouTube videos and watch them whenever you feel like it.

How to Download YouTube Videos- Step-By-Step Instructions

Highlight YouTube video URL

Enter video URL in YouTube download tool

Begin YouTube download


  1. Access a free YouTube video downloader tool either via an application or online service.
  2. Open YouTube in a separate tab/window.
  3. Navigate to the video you wish to download.
  4. Select and copy the video page URL.
  5. Return to the video downloader tool. Paste the YouTube page URL into the designated space.
  6. Designate the download destination folder and filename.
  7. Click “Ok” to begin the download
  8. Open the downloaded file on your computer to watch the video. If you wish to view the video using an application such as iTunes then you may need to convert your video to a supported video format. Some of the free YouTube downloader tools have converters included in the package or you can find a wide rage of free video converters online.


Note:A number of the YouTube video downloader tools can also be used to download videos from other video streaming websites such as Vimeo. Check the specifications of the video downloader tool to find out. Beware that some of the online video downloader tools can be used on sites containing adult content, meaning that you might find yourself exposed to this content. If you are operating parental monitoring then visit any proposed download tool site before approving it for other members of your family. YouTube does not sanction the downloading of videos from the site and none of the tools are associated with YouTube.

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