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The age of the smartphone and tablet has made it occasionally difficult to find music that you actually want to listen to. While there is a vast range of music apps available to help your source music online, much of the music you are directed to is what the record labels want you to hear and not necessarily what you are looking for. Discovr Music is not a new app on the market, but is now available free making it possibly the best free music finder app for iPhone and iPad available.

Discovr enables you to search for the type of music that you specifically like. All you need to start off is to know a band name, song or genre of music to get discovering. Once you name a band then a web layout of similar bands will be shown. To find out more about the band from the web layout you simply double click on the band icon. A single tap will show you related bands to help you find more music that you might like. However you might want to remember some band names for later as the larger your web grows, the more difficult it becomes to navigate around the bands.

Once you have selected a band you want to listen to and double-tapped on the icon then that artist’s biography, songs, links, videos, tweets are displayed plus reviews. Discovr has a built in music player so you can do what you came here for and listen to songs by that artist. The problem is that it only plays short samples of songs due to copyright issues. However there is a simple way around this by looking at videos which are sourced from places like YouTube and often contain full versions of artists songs.

That being said there are a few flaws with Discovr especially if you are looking for an unknown or obscure artist when the system can become confused and include information that is not relevant to the artist you are searching for. This is especially tru when the artist shares the same name with another band.

The simple interface of the app keeps everything simple and fits in with the new iOS 7 theme on iPhone and iPad. The interface could have made more of the screen real estate available especially on the iPad version where everything seems to be clumped into one place. However that being said functionality-wise it works fine.

The Good

  • Simple interface
  • Web layout allows you to discover related artists
  • Full biographies and music information displayed
  • Linked videos allow hearing full tracks

The Bad

  • Web layout can get confusing
  • Poor use of screen real estate
  • Only smaples from songs played through in-app music player
  • Not very useful for searching obscure artists

The Verdict

If you are looking for music and have a basic idea of what you are looking for then this is a great app for sourcing it. This is provided you don’t mind listening to the tracks on a video which can eat up data connections or listening to them via a different app. The aggregated information provided on more well known groups make this a great app for finding out about bands, but it does let itself down when it comes to lesser known groups and in some of the design aspects. Still it has dropped from a price of $4.99 to free so is worth a download to see what you think and if it works for you.

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