While the native Clock app on the iPhone caters for those of you who wish to use a stopwatch or a timer, it only provides single timing devices meaning you are unable to time more than one event at a time. This makes the Clock iPhone app pretty useless for multitasking or timing multiple events. Beaker Media Inc. have just released Clear Timer, a countdown timer app for iPhone that allows you to set multiple timers and stopwatches to run concurrently and be easily monitored. This can be utilised in many tasks to increase productivity, such as cooking, reminder for parking, time-sheets and other jobs that require time management.

countdown timer app for iphoneThe app enables simultaneous timing or countdown of unlimited profiles for up to 60 hours. The elegant design allows easy operation on the iPhone with one hand and is customisable, with the ability to change the skin of the app and have custom tones to alert you rather than the generic iOS tones which see everyone looking to their device at the same time.

Colour-coded markers make tracking the different timed task a breeze, each displaying the task name and remaining time on the visible timer. As mentioned earlier, you can have an unlimited number of tasks running at the same time, which can be an excellent tool for keeping track of loads of different things at the same time such as different dishes oven time when cooking and can really simplify your time management.

If I have a couple of gripes with this app is that it only counts down in hours and minutes, not seconds and there is no function for split-lap times on the stopwatch, a feature that might put a lot of users off if the stopwatch is the main reason for their wanting the app.

The Good

countdown timer app for iphone

  • Simultaneous multiple timers enable many tasks to be timed at the same time
  • Personalise with different tones and skins
  • Layout enables control with one hand

The Bad

  • Countdown only uses hours and minutes, no seconds parameter
  • No split-lap time function on stopwatch

The Verdict

As a simple time-management tool for people who want to keep track of multiple tasks simultaneously, the Clear Timer app for iPhone ticks every box. As long as you do not need your count-downs to the second or split your stopwatch times then this really is a great app for increasing productivity. However the absence of these rather important functions will put a lot of people off using the app, as they are key to the functionality of the features especially the split-lap function on the stopwatch. A good app but lacks the obvious little extras that would have made it a “must-have.”

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