blocked on whatsapp

How Can I Tell if I Have Been Blocked on WhatsApp?

Occasionally you might get a contact that you do not want to communicate with any more through WhatsApp and feel that it is necessary...
turn iphone into wifi hotspot

How to Turn Your iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot

WiFi technology is the most common way for devices to be able to access the Internet if they do not have their own connection....
turn your iPhone into a scanner

Turn your iPhone into a Scanner to Quickly Share Documents

Keeping a record of your documents digitally is always a good idea nowadays when you might need to refer to them quickly. While in...
clapper camera for iphone and ipad

Snap Clap Clapper Camera App for iPhone and iPad

One of the great uses for iPhone and iPad is as a camera, enabling you to take photos at any time without having to...
Best free photo apps for Windows Phone

Best Free Photo Apps for Windows Phone

One of the best features on Windows phones is noted to be the camera. This is especially true of the Nokia Lumia range, of...
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