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PDF editor for iphone

PDF editor for iphone

PDF documents are favoured file types for displaying information due to the fact that they look the same no matter what device they are viewed on, in contrast to other file types. Many business forms and documents are shared in the form of PDF files. At the same time with the rise of smartphones and tablets, along with cloud drives, it has become increasingly popular to edit documents on-the-go from a mobile device. A PDF editor allow you to make changes to your documents and performs other tasks in addition to simply reading the PDF file such as signing it, annotating it and making changes to the actual text. The best PDF editor for iPad and iPhone we have judged to be the excellent PDF Expert, which has recently been reduced to a free price tag from a regular price of $9.99.

The app interface is simple to use with a left-hand navigation area for the document manager and the layout really takes advantage of the iPad’s ideal size for browsing PDF documents. However it is when you examine the PDF editing tools in this app that it really comes into its own. Pinching to zoom the screen on a PDF document is seamless, a great improvement on iBooks and it is possible top save bookmarks, which can then be synced with Dropbox. Cloud integration makes it easy to keep up with you files and one of the more useful features is “crop” mode which enables you to set how much of a margin you want and take further advantage of the screen real estate.

Using a toolbar located at the top of the screen, users can highlight, fill in forms, add notes and audio nots and even add sign documents. This makes PDF expert an excellent practical tool for business users and really it contains more features than you will ever need. But still it is nice to have them.

Multiple PDF files can be open at the same time and switched between like a tab system as well as offering the ability to copy and paste between files.

If there are any flaws with this app then it might seem a bit complicated to a first-time user who might be tempted to avoid it altogether. After all there is a big instruction guide to get through which can be off-putting to many. Our advice is stick it out and take advantage of all this app has to offer.

The Good

  • Simple clean easily-navigable layout
  • Seamless pinch zooming
  • Multiple PDFs open at once
  • Massive range of PDF editing tools

The Bad

  • Can seem a little complicated to first-time users

The Verdict

The iPad is an ideal sized device for reading PDFs and it is even possible on an iPhone with a decent enough reader. If you have any business intentions for reading and editing PDFs then this is an ideal solution which is easy to use once mastered and has a massive array of tools. The fact that it is free means that you should download it anyway just to have the option of using it, even if you are still fearful of editing documents on your tablet or smartphone. The free tag more than compensates for that and once you have practised a bit we are confident that you will like this.

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