Despite mobile phone packages offering lots of free text messages, if you like to send lots of text messages and SMS, or like to send messages internationally, then your texting bills can build up. While WhatsApp enables you to send text messages to any other person with a WhatsApp app on their phone, it is a paid-for service for iOS users and a subscription for Android devices after one year. Do not worry though, there are plenty of free WhatsApp alternatives for you to send free text messages with, in some cases offering much more functionality than the WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Alternatives


whatsapp alternatives

Like WhatsApp, Viber uses your mobile phone number for identification and checks your address book for numbers to see which of your contacts is using Viber. Functions included with the app are free instant text messaging and voice calling over a 3G signal or WiFi connection. The Viber App as well as being available on Apple and Android devices can also be downloaded for a few other mobile systems, making sure that as many of your friends as possible can be contacted if they have the Viber app.

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whatsapp alternatives

Line by Naver is a similar app to WhatsApp, with a number of distinct advantages, one of which being that you can make voice calls to other Line users over an Internet connection. It has a really easy-to-use interface and adds contacts from phone numbers. You need to register your phone number with Line to use it and a really useful feature of Line is that you can reply to Line messages through a desktop PC or Mac program, amking it really easy to stay in contact with Line, no matter what device you are on.

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whatsapp alternatives

VoIP application Skype is one of the most useful communications apps available on any platform. It is available for use on most operating systems and as well as instant messaging to other Skype users, also allows voice and video calling, and a paid-for call to numbers feature. Skype allows you to send files and forward calls to a phone number for when the app is switched off. Recent developments allow you to make free video calls over a 3G connection, making this a much more feature-packed free WhatsApp alternative for your iOS or Android device.

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whatsapp alternatives
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KakaoTalk like Viber, WhatsApp and Line, uses your mobile phone number as identification to register and adds your contacts based on their phone numbers.Through KakaoTalk you can send free text messages, picture files, audio notes and calendar information to other KakaoTalk users. You can also make free voice calls over a strong Internet connection and have group chats, which can be a useful feature for quick conferencing.

Facebook Messenger

whatsapp alternatives

The Facebook Messenger app allows you to easily send quick messages and make voice calls (in some parts of the World) to any of your friends on Facebook. One obvious downside is that you cannot use it to contact people who are not on Facebook (and they are in a minority nowadays) but aside from this, for quick free messaging it can be a great free WhatsApp alternative for your Android or Apple iOS device.

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whatsapp alternatives

For those users who just want to keep in contact with their friends with Apple devices then the iMessage app will suffice and it comes included on all iOS systems today. Through the iMessage app you can send free text and picture messages as well as other files. For free voice and video calling over an Internet connection though you will still have to move to another app and use FaceTime or another free Whatsapp alternative. Still for keeping in contact with anyone with an iOS device then iMessage is extremely convenient.

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whatsapp alternatives


Available for multiple platforms and allowing voice and text messaging, WeChat can also provide access to social network feeds to enable you to connect to more people and group chat. You can register for WeChat in the same way as a majority of the other WhatsApp alternatives by entering your phone number and receiving a verification SMS. Other functionalities included in the app are video chatting, the ability to share pictures and contacts, plus your current location.

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Although it does not offer calling capability, Kik is a useful free texting app that you register for with an email address and create a username. You can send group messages and although you cannot directly access your phone contacts, Kik is available on a number of platforms aside from iOS and Android, and has over 30 million users worldwide.

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whatsapp alternatives

Tango is a similar app to Skype and allows free text messaging between users as well as free voice and video calls over a 3G, 4G or WiFi Internet connection. Cool features included include video filters and the ability to play games with friends whilst in a call. Additionally it is available for tablets and PC and Mac desktops, increasing the amount of ways that you can stay connected. you sign up for Tango with a mobile number and it will automatically add any of your contacts who have a Tango account, making the app a top free WhatsApp alternative, providing a lot more features than simply free texting.

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As suggested by the name GroupMe caters for those who want to chat for free from their phone in a group. You register and verify your phone by submitting your number and email address. The major feature of this app is that it supports group messaging over SMS (for the fee of an SMS sent to the USA) for when users do not have a 3G connection, making it possible for people to always be involved in the group chat if they desire.

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