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In the age of tablets and smartphones it has become possible to carry lots of information around without having to carry loads of extra disks and drives. Air Projector is a free projector app for iPhone that allows you to turn your iPhone into a remote projector transmitting images and PDFs to be shown on any screen connected to a web browser on the same WiFi network. Thus you can turn up to give a presentation with just an iPhone and save yourself lugging a lot of extra equipment.

The app itself is extremely simple to use. You have to launch the app with a live WiFi connection to the network containing the Internet browser screen you will be projecting onto. You will then be able to access the images or PDFs that you wish to show. The PDFs can be created from PowerPoint or Keynote-designed presentations, but unfortunately this means that all transitions and animations that you have included in the presentation are lost.

You then have to enter the code http address in the URL text field of the web browser of the remote computer. The image you see on your iPhone screen shows up on the remote computer screen and you can use swipe gestures to scroll from page to page. If you wish to illustrate a point on the screen then just touch the place and hold and a laser pointer will appear on the remote screen. This is a really useful presentation tool and one of my favourite aspects of the app.

It is a great shame that you cannot directly share your iPhone screen with this app which would allow you to play full presentations with the Keynote app. Additionally iPad is not supported when some users would prefer to take advantage of the larger screen. But all-in-all this is still as really useful app when you want to save space and hassle.

The Good

  • No file transfer needed
  • Connect to any remote computer with an Internet connection
  • Simulated laser pointer helps you easily highlight areas

The Bad

  • Only shows PDFs and images. Animations and transitions not supported
  • Does not take up the full screen
  • iPad not supported
  • Has to be on the same WiFi network as the remote computer

The Verdict

While Air Projector does have a few flaws in its presentation ability, it could prove to be a tremendously useful tool enabling you to give professional presentations directly from your iPhone. This could save you a fortune in having to lug a laptop and a projector to presentations. The app has just been made free so try it out and see what you think. If you have a WiFi connection and a remote computer and screen to work with, Air Projector could be an ideal solution.

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