The Internet has enabled people and businesses to become a lot more cosmopolitan and internationally diverse. The web has made it much easier to perform business and transactions with people in other parts of the world and interact with other cultures as online friends and dating companions for example. However language barriers still exist and the easiest way to find out what a website or person is saying in another language, is to use a free online translator. There are loads of these free services available, although some do not always give the most accurate translations, which can lead to misunderstandings and poor communications. To help you avoid these issues we highlight below five free online translators that we regard to be the best tools to assist you in communicating in another language.

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Google Translate

The translation service from Google is massively improved in the past couple of years, now featuring a language auto-detect, when you type in the language to be translated. You then simple have to select the language that you would like to make the translation into from a choice of over 70 different languages. True the translations are not always spot on but they are becoming more accurate all the time, making this the top free online translator. Google Chrome users also have the option of using this service to translate every webpage they visit, making the process even quicker.

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Babel XL

Babel XL offer you a free translation service from a choice of 36 languages. It auto-detects the language when you type or paste text into the translation box and instantly receive the translation, which is powered by Google. You have the option to save your translations and the app can also remember you past translations, displaying them on a timeline, which can be useful, especially if translating a conversation.

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SDL Free Translation

SDL Free translation can translate blocks of text or you have the option to enter the URL to translate entire web pages through the web app. You have the choice of 36 languages to choose from and the source language is auto detected as you type. You can then simply choose which language you would like to translate the text into. If you want a professional job done, or are unsure of the validity of a translation then you can also opt to have your translation made by a human translator at a certain amount/word.

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Powered by Google the Frengly online translator automatically detects your input text and also has virtual keyboards available for typing in different scripts. You then simply select your target language and receive the results.

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Nice Translator

Nice Translator is an extremely simple-to-use translation tool giving you a choice from 42 languages. You simple type the text you want translated into the box at the top of the screen and choose which language you want translated. Nice translator will do the rest. One bonus this tool has is that you can translate into multiple languages on the same page, a handy feature for those making multi-language guides.

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