One of the most important tasks of an iPad or Android tablet is keeping up with developments in the rest of the world including news and social media. With the amount of numerous sources available for news on the Internet you want to be sure you pick the best news app for iPad or Android with regard to credibility, layout and readability. You should also obviously ensure that the news app updates you on relevant news for your aprt of the world. Below we have indicated a selection of the 5 best free news apps for iPad and Android tablets available from the apps stores today.


Flipboard for iPadThe Flipboard app is one of the most impressive and talk-about news and feed aggregation app available on either iOS or Android platforms. The app utilises the tablet features to the max, creating a magazine style layout to which you can turn the pages to access the next bit of information and tap on features to expand them. Flipboard additionally allows you to create your own personal magazines from articles that interest you for other Flipboard users to access. As well as RSS feeds, Flipboard includes the top news feeds of the day which can be set to the country you are in. You can also set your Flipboard account to receive your social media feeds from apps such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Read more about Flipboard in this Jabbersite review.

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cnn for ipadThe CNN app reflects the news broadcast by the CNN network, which covers the USA and international news. The app itself is beautifully arranged with a grid-style arrangement for headlines which are expanded into full articles when you tap on them. Navigation is simple and all modern features are available such as share buttons for the social networks. Articles are accompanied by photos and in many cases video from the news networks. This video feature can be taken further if your Internet connection is hosted by a participating company, you can watch CNN TV live from your device. A reliable solution as a free news app for iPad and Android.

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BBC News

BBC news for ipadDespite the title of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) the BBC News app offers comprehensive coverage on world issues. Breaking news from all around the globe is featured as well as specific news in categories such as entertainment, sport and health. Audio and video reports on various subjects are also provided and included in written articles they are relevant to. The app interface is very easy to use with a divided screen with a left grid-style headlines area with the main stories appearing in the right-hand column. In certain parts of the globe you can also access a live video feed from the BBC News 24 channel. One of the top features to this app though is the massive array of languages it is available in, making it an app that can be accessible to many nationalities worldwide.

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Huffington PostHuff post for ipad

The Huffington Post app is a convenient way to view the content from the popular online publication. The layout is well-designed and gives you a choice from a massive array of news topics from politics to sport, religion and travel. The app is completely free and well worth having to keep up to date with developments on the Huffington Post.

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AP MobileAp mobile for ipad

News from the Associated Press can be received directly on your iPad or Android tablet via the AP Mobile app. Certain news sections are syndicated in the app including Top News, Sports, Showbiz, Technology and more. The app can also be set to received local stories for where you are in the world. One of the best features about the app is the fact that you can save the articles to be able to read offline, without having to resort to another app such as Pocket. The simple interface and useful content is a good reason to install the app on your tablet.

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