Microsoft Office whilst being a great tool and containing a number of useful features such as the Word processor, Excel spreadsheet creator and Powerpoint presentation author, is also known for being terribly expensive to obtain a license for older software and an ongoing subscription for the latest software. For those of you who do not not fancy paying high prices for an office suite or using services online such as GoogleDocs, check out the list of five free Microsoft Office alternatives available to download for your PC.


free Microsoft office alternativesThe Softmaker suite contains only the bare-essential tools of a word-processor, spreadsheet creator and presentation author. All tools boast a simple easy-to-use interface and documents created by MS Office import generally without a glitch. All the tools can export to PDF and the TextMaker word-processing tool substitutes the lack of a dedicated graphics tool with a number of features for drawing and editing images. If you only need the basic tools from an office suite then look no further than Softmaker.

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Kingsoft Office

free microsoft office alternativesLike Softmaker the Kingsoft Office suite is a small package containing only the three core office tools of a word-processor, spreadsheet maker and presentation author. A tab system in each tool enables you to run multiple documents at the same time and the program is noticeably better at importing MS Office documents than other competitors. It doesn’t have all the features of a fully-fledged office suite and is only free for personal use, but if you just need an office suite for home then this could be your tool.

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Libre Office

free alternatives to microsoft officeLibre Office offers the normal core office suite features of the word-processor, spreasheet maker and presentation author as well as a number of smaller improvements such as increased file compatibility and support for Firefox themes. It is similar to Open Office and offers color scales within the spreadsheets and other useful tools such as a word counter in the status bar in the word-processor. Well worth a look as a fre alternative to Microsoft Office.

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Open Office

free alternatives to microsoft officeOpen Office is an open-source office suite from Apache including in it range of tools a word-processor, spreadsheet maker, presentation author, vector graphics editor, database manager and mathematical equation editor. The package is similar to MS Office, offering wizards for creating projects and with a similar layout to older versions of Office, and are simple to use. The suite copes fairly well with opening Microsoft Office-created documents although sometimes loses the formatting, but still one of the better free Microsoft Office alternatives.

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SS Suite

free microsoft office alternativesSS Suite is an option for those of you looking for a simple package with limited applications. The suite is very simple to use and includes a word-processor and spreadsheet maker plus an email client, graphics editor, web browser, security software, media player, formula editor, image viewer, various network tools, and even a some games. Unfortunately the core tools are rather limited in their functionality and can’t open OpenXML files such as “.docx.” and “.xlx.” Still if you are only looking for a basic word-processor and spreadsheet maker then you could do a lot worse than SS Suite.

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