With Internet security being the number one priority for anyone who is connected to the web, a firewall is an essential part of your security suite. What a firewall does is assist the user to prevent people or malicious programs from hacking into your data. You can surf the web without fear of having your identity stolen or privacy compromised. The Windows operating system does include its own firewall software, however due to the fact that it only offers an average level of protection, you may wish to consider upgrading your firewall with a free firewall software option available for download online, giving you more protection and performance.


Comodo Firewall can protect your system from viruses, trojans, worms, hacker attachs and zero day attacks. The software features a built-in antivirus program and has a simple-to-us interface and does not use up a great deal of your system resources.

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Online Armor Free

The free version of Online Armor protects against attack from hackers, malicious programs and identity theft and can easily be upgraded to a premium version which adds automatic updates and a “banking mode” to add extra protection when you are banking online. It has a simple-to-use interface and additionally supports Windows 8.

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Private Firewall

Private Firewall is a feature-rich application with a numBer of key features including intelligent tracking, HIPS, process monitoring and port tracking. The software is simple to install and set-up and does not use much of the system’s resources, preventing intrusion from malware and other online threats.

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PC Tools Firewall Plus

Preventing unauthorised access your your PC is simplified by using PC Tools Firewall. The easy to use software can be run in either “normal” or “expert” user mode for added customisation and the well-designed interface looks good and is a breeze to use. This is definitely a free firewall software to consider when strengthening your computer’s defences.

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Tiny Wall

Tiny Wall lives up to its name and is a software package extremely small in size. The program is best used within an existing firewall application, so using the Tiny Wall alongside the standard Windows Firewall will give you more than adequate protection. Tiny Wall is easy to configure and can be managed through a series of “Hot keys,” as well as being light on your system resources.

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