Evernote is a productivity app that is available on Mac and Windows computer systems and iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices. The ingenious app system allow you to quickly add notes, pictures and links to a notepad which can then be synced across all of you devices with Evernote on them and quickly accessed when you need the information. There is a range of free Evernote productivity apps which have been added by the developer to increase what you can do with the app and maximise your time and productivity across your electronic devices.


Available for:
Mobile Devices– iPad,iPhone, iPod and Android
Computers– Mac, Windows, Windows 8 (Touch)

Skitch is an immensely useful app that lets you annotate and markup on PDF and other documents in your Evernote account. This allows you to give quick feedback on documents, the same as you would marking on paper with a pen and quickly illustrate a point. While you can mark most documents for free the free version only allows you to mark PDFs for one month’s trial before you have to upgrade to the premium version. But still this is an invaluable tool for quick productivity.

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Available for:
Mobile Devices-iPad

Penultimate is an awesome free Evernote app that allows you to convert your iPad into a virtual notepad, into which you can draw, sketch and write, simulating different colours, pens and inks. Your notebooks are automatically synced into your Evernote notebook collection allowing you to access your virtual notebook from any device that you have Evernote installed on. A perfect app for quickly recording ideas whilst on-the-go.

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Evernote Hello

Available for:
Mobile Devices– iPad,iPhone, iPod and Android

Evernote Hello is a free Evernote app that allows you to create and browse a history of contact building. You can scan business cards and the app will take all relevant information and enter it in the database. Enter an email address and Hello will grab the relevant data about a contact from Facebook and LinkedIn. Remembering groups from meetings and schedules is supported by the app and can make it so much easier to put a face to the name.

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Evernote Web Clipper

Available for
Computers– Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers. Comes installed with Windows Internet Explorer

Finding and recording an interesting snippet of information whilst browsing is made much simpler with the Evernote browser extension Web Clipper. With one click you can clip all or part-of a webpage, which will then be added as a note to your Evernote profile and synced across devices. This can be a really handy research tool or if you are in a rush and wish to read something later. Just clip it to your Evernote account. It will remain in there until you delete it, even if the original web source is taken offline.

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Evernote Clearly

Available for
Computers– Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Evernote clearly is a blog and webpage reading free browser extension from Evernote, which enables you to read webpage without all of the cluttering other page contents. The extension presents the main content section of the blog in a clean, customisable theme so you only can see the relevant bits and are not distracted by sidebars, adverts or pop-up menus, which are a common feature on many blogs. If for any reason you don’t have time to finish reading then you can save the article for later by tapping on the Evernote icon to access it as a note across devices.

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Evernote Peek

Available for:
Mobile Devices-iPad

For students Evernote presents Peek, a practical study tool which takes notes that are made in Evernote and converts them into study materials. For example if you are learning about a specific subject, Peek will display a question when the smart cover of your iPad is lifted just a bit. You can then think of the answer to the trivia and lift the smart cover some more to reveal if you are correct. Like so many other Evernote apps, it is taking what used to be done using pieces of paper and pens and bringing it into an interactive world on your iPad and computer.

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