One of the top uses for iPads and other tablets can be as an eReader on which you can store and read thousands of eBooks, replacing the need to have a library at home or carry lots of heavy books. There are even dedicated eReader devices such as Kindles, Kobos and Nooks for you to read eBooks on. The main source of eBooks are paid for ebook stores, however there are a few free ebook download sites where you can source thousands of titles from different authors and not have to pay anything. EBooks are available in a number of different formats from these sites and file converters are also available to ensure that the ebook file can be opened on your device.


free ebooksTuebl is the subject of controversy due to the fact that it offers so many top titles for free. The eBook sharing site is considered legal at the time of writing due to the fact that it has a DMCA takedown process, enabling authors to object to their book’s presence on the website and have it removed if necessary, although the legality of this is still questionable. But this aside Tuebl has a searchable library of thousands of eBook titles. You can search by Title, Author, Publication Date, or even series if the book is part of one. In addition to a free download link each book portal page also contains a link to an eBook store such as Amazon for those of you who wish to purchase the book. Free download format is generally ePub and you can convert this if necessary once you have downloaded the book. Once the legal questions have been put aside, Tuebl is the top source for free eBook downloads online and odds-on you can find the eBook you are looking for there.

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Free Book Spot

free ebooks
Free Book Spot is an online library of thousands of free eBooks available for download which can be searched by category, title, author or ISBN number. No registration is required on the site and download links are provided
for loads of different formats including ePub, PDF, doc, Kindle and more. Policing of the site has meant that not as many titles are available as in the past, but it is still a great source for finding free ebooks.

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Free eBooks

free ebooks
Free eBooks is like the title says a massive source of free eBooks to download. After free registration for the site you can search for your desired title, author, or for publications by keyword. Libraries are also available in Spanish and Portuguese. The site contains thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles, grouped by category to make them easier to find and additionally offers downloads in a variety of different formats including mobi, ePub, txt, doc and more.

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Many Books

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Free eBook provider Many Books allows you to either search for a free eBook from the database of over 20,000 titles or broswe through the most popular titles and read recommendations and reviews by other site visitors. All titles on the site are free and over 36 different languages are supported.

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Bookyards styles itself “The Library of the World” and is a source of thousands of free and paid-for eBook titles. For those of you who are searching purely for free downloads rather than specific titles, there is a “free downloads” section and you can also search by Category, Author and Title. The site is free to use for anyone with an Internet connection and boasts “17,972 books, 41,819 external web links, 4,199 news & blogs links, 384 videos, 33,032 Ebook links and access to hundreds of online libraries (800,000 Ebooks).”

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