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When you are on holiday or viewing a quote displayed in another currency it can be a trick affair to find out how much the other currency is worth. A currency calculator is a quick and easy way to find out how much something priced in another currency is worth in your own currency. The Xe app from Internet currency converter giant XE.com is the best free currency converter app for iPhone, iPad and Android available. The app enables you to view multiple currencies at the same time and make calculations in different currencies.

Upon launching the Xe currency app you can customise your by clicking on the wrench icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Tap the “Edit Currency List” button to add different currencies for comparison. You can also customise how often the rates are updated, enable a shake to reset rates option, and adjust how the currencies are displayed.

Once you have the app setup then it is extremely simple to make a currency conversion. Simply tap the currency you wish to convert from and enter the amount you wish to convert. You can even do sum calculations before pressing the “=” sign for your converted currency to be displayed. This can be very handy for totting up expenses in another currency. Your converted amount will then be displayed in all of the different currencies you specified in the settings. A really neat follow up trick is that you can continue to do calculations in different currencies continuing on from the answer before, a really useful tool when calculating variables in a number of different currencies.

Xe’s rates are failry accurate and used by thousands of businesses worldwide to make calculations. Obviously there are small variables depending on the bank/ exchange you are using but the rate calculated by XE is close enough. The app can be used offline and will simply refer to the rates downloaded the last time the app was updated online.

The Good

  • Simple interface
  • Multiple currency display
  • Calculate sums between currencies
  • Accurate rates
  • Functions offline

The Bad

  • None that we can find

The Verdict

For a quick solution for making cross-currency calculations and quickly converting a currency, then the XE Currency app is the best free currency converter app available. The app makes it possible to perform in-depth calculations quickly on your iPad, iPhone and Android tablet or smartphone. If you are doing any dealings in other currencies or travelling abroad then this is a must have app for your device library.

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