free alarm app for iphone and ipad

 free alarm app for iphone and ipad free alarm app for iphone and ipad

One of the top features of an iPad or iPhone is its ability to act as a multi purpose tool as well as a computer or communication device. Although there is a native built-in alarm app for iPhone and iPad, it is lacking in both features and aesthetic appeal. A free alarm app for iPhone and iPad Wake Up Pro Alarm is a formerly premium app that has a number of features and can be displayed at night as a real clock rather than allowing the iOS device to revert to lock mode.

On launching the app you are shown the main clock screen which is a good-looking digital alarm clock complete with date and a cool animation. From this screen adjusting the settings is an extremely simple affair. You need to touch the settings information button in the bottom-left-hand corner to bring up the control panel. From here it is easy to program alarms, including set time, repeat options and ringtone. Ringtones can be chosen from the built-in selection or from your iTunes music library.

The type of alarm though is where this app gets clever. We have all been guilty in the past of hitting the snooze button to gain a few minutes extra sleep and inadvertently ended up being late for an engagement. When you set the alarm in “Wake Up Pro” mode you cannot hit a snooze button. Instead you have to answer a math question before the alarm will stop sounding. You can set the question at easy, medium or hard and this forces you to think, wake yourself up and answer the question. What a great solution.

The clock display is good enough to be allowed to run on an iPhone or iPad dock all night as a standard clock. You can set how bright or dim you would like the clock to be as well as the numeral display colour. If left running in the foreground then it will override the screen lock so it is constantly on display, making it a doddle to check the time.

The Good

  • Easy interface
  • Aesthetically pleasing alarm clock display
  • Overrides screen lock if running in the foreground
  • Wake Up Pro mode really forces you to awaken
  • Use your own music as ringtone

The Bad

  • Annoying tones when in settings
  • No extra features such as news feed, weather or social media connection

The Verdict

While Wake Up Pro Alarm does not offer as many features as some other premium alarm apps for iPhone and iPad it really does accomplish the task of getting you to wake up superbly. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at and run as a normal clock and you can customize it enough with ringtones and colors to make it personal. While the app is free rather than its regular price tag of $0.99 we highly recommend you download it.

Wake Up Pro from the iTunes App store

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