Best Free Air Transfer App for iPhone

Best Free Air Transfer App for iPhone

Best Free Air Transfer App for iPhone

The rise of the number of people using tablet computers such as the Apple iPad has meant that much more computing is done on mobile devices. As such it can be a very useful feature to be able to quickly transfer whatever you are doing on your Mac or PC to your iPhone or iPad and continue your activity there. Air Transfer could be considered the best free air transfer app for iPhone and iPad available at this time. All transfers can be done quickly and wirelessly over the cloud.

Air Transfer does not even require you to have the app set up on both the PC/Mac and the iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is input the device URL in the web browser you are using and drag and drop the file or other content into the left hand side of the browser window and then they will be played on the iPad through a wireless connection.

If you have a transfer that is taking a particuarly long time then you can use Air Transfer in the background while you do something else when waiting for your file to load. Files that you can transfer include PEG, PNG, GIF, QuickTime Movie(.MOV, .MP4),MP3, WAV, CAF, PDF Docs(.pdf), Text(.txt), RTF(.rtf), MS Word(.doc, .docx), MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx), MS PowerPoint(.ppt, .pptx), Pages(.pages), Numbers(.numbers), Keynote(.keynote), HTML(.html, .htm) and more.

Air Transfer will categorise your files on the iPhone or iPad making it easier for you to find them once transferred and the app also supports photo import and export to the various different camera components on iPhone and iPad such as Camera Roll, eMail, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa.

If you are browsing the web and want to go to the same page on your iOS device, then supported web browsers include Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

The Good

  • Easy Wireless transfer
  • No PC/Mac software required
  • Multiple file types and browsers supported

The Bad

  • App crashes occasionally or won’t open
  • Yet another cloud sharing service which takes up space on the iOS device

The Verdict

To be honest while cloud sharing is a great idea with regard to mobile devices and keeping software backed up, you have to feel that this is one service too many. yes it is good that it does not require installing anything extra on your computer to easily transfer files but really there are enough services and apps that perform this function well already and we really don’t need another. The app works well enough but test it out before deciding whether to keep this for extended use on your iPhone or iPad.

Get Air Transfer from the iTunes App store

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