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All recent versions of the iPhone have come with the “Find My iPhone” app as native in the iOS system to assist you in locating a lost or stolen device. However this only works when the device is sharing a data connection so a more comprehensive security app for iPhone is a must for many device owners. Avira Mobile Security is a free security app for iPhone which not only can locate your iPhone, but protect it from malware, arrange audio noise to help you quickly locate a misplaced device, monitor your storage and battery life and send you push notifications when there is a problem. So what is the app like?

Well the first thing I notice upon launching the app and signing up for a free Avira account is the simplicity of the app interface. Large menu options display what the app can do and you can reach any feature of the app within a couple of taps. The first task that the app performs on launch is the scan of your other apps to note the presence of malware. You can then access detailed reports in the event that any is found and cleaned.

The device locator is very similar to “Find My iPhone” with a couple of extras added on. You can locate the device using GPS and finding it on a map. Like the native Apple app this is dependent on the device having a signal. However if you think you have simply misplaced the device in the immediate vicinity such as under something, it is also possible to call the device from the app or activate a screaming sound on the device, assisting you to find it in a similar style to a keyring finder.

Extra features that are included in the app besides the malware scan are scanners for the battery life and device storage plus tips for helping you improve both. Avira also provides you with 5GB of cloud storage which can be extra helpful in managing files on your own device.

The Good

  • Extremely simple interface
  • Scan apps for malware
  • Device locater with “scream” facility help you locate misplaced, lost or stolen phone
  • Checks storage and provides tips for improving
  • Checks battery life and provides tips for improving
  • 5 GB cloud storage
  • Notification push messages when there is a problem

The Bad

  • Nothing really bad to report on this app

The Verdict

Avira Mobile Security goes over and above what “Find My iPhone” can do with a load of other features to assist you in protecting and locating your iPhone. While some of the features may seem a trifle unnecessary or light in comparison to competing apps they can all play a part in helping you manage your device. What is not to like about the app? It does everything it says it will do and as it is going free and a file size of 13.5 MB you should download this to start protecting your iPhone today.

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