The newest release of Rovio’s “Angry Birds” franchise is an adaptation using the classic “Star Wars” brand. And the result sees the bird-flinging experience taken to new levels utilising our favourite scenes and characters from the beloved sci-fi movies. The title does not differ from previous releases in that while an ad-supported version or sample teaser is available for free on both Android and iPhone and iPad platforms, you will eventually have to fork out a little bit to access all the features that the game app has to offer.
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Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Angry Birds Star Wars ReviewThe structure of the game follows the original Star Wars stories (not the prequels) rather than delivering a mix-up of random Star Wars scenes and character. Thus you begin by playing on the basic scenes on Tatooine before moving on into space and onto the Death Star. Updates have included new world additions such as Hoth and Cloud City and I am sure more will be added until the drama is complete, especially given Rovio’s record for post-launch support. The levels cleverly combine references from the films with a complex stage design and additions such as a force-wielding Darth Vader pig floating blocks and a Tusken Raider pig firing blasters, mean you now have to time your bird flings and work out how best to utilise the Star Wars skills that the Angry Birds have been equipped with.

Angry Birds Star Wars ReviewObviously one of the Angry Birds would have to have the definitive Star Wars weapon, the lightsaber. This is given to the red bird, who is decked out as Luke Skywalker and after you have flung him, you tap the screen and he will swipe the first few obstacles in his path. So no longer just the roster filling cannonball bird! The bomb bird has been redesigned as a Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi which can levitate blocks and fling them in the direction of your tap. Han Solo is the theme for the yellow bird and directs three blaster shots at any place you tap on the screen. The pink bird picks up the role of Princess Leia with laser firing capabilities similar to the yellow Han Solo bird and R2D2 and C3PO add skills of electrocuting nearby enemies and exploding into damaging pieces.

Angry Birds Star Wars ReviewThese character adjustments and world changes have made the game more skill-dependent. Birds are no-longer just “fire-and-forget” but you have to utilise timing of release, aim and activate the bird’s abilities at the correct time in order to get a good result. This does make the game more satisfying, although it might detract from the easy pick-up-and-play mentality that the previous games had.

The soundtrack of the game adds to the nostalgia for Star Wars fans, more so with the sound effects such as blasters and lightsabers, than the quirky Star Wars soundtrack which has been slightly adapted for Angry Birds. The game also offers a larger amount of variety with bonus levels and a combination of the land-based Angry Birds environments and space environments. This makes it the first title in the franchise to include both and cunningly reducing boredom when the style of some levels becomes repetitive and you move onto a change of environment. The graphics remain as 2D as ever, but still take up less than 50MB with cache.

The Good

  • Complex levels and bird skills. More time and thinking to master needed and therefore more satisfaction on completion.
  • Playing the Angry Birds games with the Star Wars worlds, characters, soundtracks and effects
  • Good mixture of land-based and space themes add variety for the gamer
  • Bonus levels

The Bad

  • Camera pans automatically at beginning of a stage, causing you to fire your bird backwards if you notch too early.
  • Too many paid-for features.Wait for the prices to drop!

The Verdict

It could be construed as brand-whoring but Angry Birds Star Wars edition does pull off translating the popular sci-fi movies into the bird-flinging world rather well. Even those Angry Birds players who are not Star Wars fans can enjoy this version. The game adds new twists and skills, whilst still not straying too far from its pick-up-and-play roots. If Rovio are going to continue to collaborate on future Angry Birds titles then bring-it-on, we are anxiously waiting to see if what they produce next.

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