Kuler is the latest app from Adobe that lets you capture colour inspiration from everyday life through your iPhone or iPad. Whenever a colour or item catches you eye in a garden or another setting, you just need to snap it with the camera on your iOS device before using the captured colours to create colour themes and designs which can be shared with other Kuler users or used in Adobe Applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks.
Adobe Kular app reviewFrom the moment you open the app you are presented with a colour wheel to adjust up to five different hues at once and can work in different colour modes including RGB, CMYK, HSV, and Adobe Lab Color plus choose what kind of scheme to create such as Analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary or other available schemes.

Storing colours that inspire you is a breeze with Kular and transforms your iPhone into a fantastic color inspiration tool, which is an extremely useful feature to have no matter if you are a designer, developer, artist, or someone who love color. You can additionally use it to extract colours from existing images on your iPhone, or other sources including Flickr Facebook.

Creating colour themes with the app is none-too-tricky using color sliders, and pre-set colour moos to assiste you, along with other tools to identify complimentary colours for your chosen base colour. Once you have created your theme it is then simply a matter of naming and saving it, before sharing it via email or Twitter and you can also save your themes on the Kular website for use with other Adobe applications.

The Good

Adobe Kular app review

  • Work in different colour modes including RGB, CMYK, HSV, and Adobe Lab Color
  • Capture colours you see anywhere
  • Easily create color themes with app
  • Share your theme or use it with other Adobe applications
  • Cloud connectivity

The Bad

  • No real issues to do with the task that we could find

The Verdict

Kuler is a fantastic tool for getting your colour schemes right and having your colour pairings look good together. A great tool fr a pro designer, Kuler can still be useful for everyday users in deciding colour schemes with interior designing or landscaping for example. THe fact that it is free takes away any hesitation you should have in downloading and trying out this app. Top notch.
Adobe Kuler app reviewAdobe Kuler app review 

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