In the past 20 years the Internet has risen to being the largest source of information available Worldwide. While the ability to source and download programs and files means that you have access to media instantaneously, the rise of the Internet has also created a range of problems from viruses destroying computer systems to phishing sites stealing financial information. This aside, you can still download pretty much anything you want from the web from both free and paid for sources.

Jabbersite has been developed to help everyone find the free sources for media downloads and information on the Internet. The site contains reviews of different free listings and gives advice on the best free applications and downloads in a staggeringly wide range of categories. All sites that Jabbersite recommends have been checked to ensure that they are offering safe software downloads and do not engage in phishing or contain malware. We believe that you should not have to pull out your credit card to gain access to a “free” source so no site that asks for credit card details before a free download is listed either. Free means just that. You should not have to pay anything or provide financial details if there is no money involved in a transaction and any site that asks you to should be questioned on the reason why.

All Jabbersite sources screen their free listings to ensure that the downloads are not pirate services and there are no links to illegal software provided by our writers. Free does not mean “stolen” and we intend to try and help make the Internet a more honest place, where people can feel safe using online services.

As Jabbersite grows we will endeavour to bring you news of the latest free media available online and want the site to be the one-stop place to go to find the top listings of free sites. Finding free safe downloads can definitely be easier than trawling back and forth through search engines. Keep checking the Jabbersite latest listings of free online services and save yourself money, while having access to quality products.

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