A story of the 12 tribes of Boojabainga

The Mystery of Moose Code

A Boojabaunga Tale

Gerty and Berty were busy listening to the sounds of the universe on their super sensitive telescoping earphones when out of the blue, they hear a series of beeps and dashes.

“What could this be?” Berty asks.

“Some strange new language from another world?

“Aliens trying to contact us.

“Random sounds from other chicken farms.

“What could it be?”

‘Dot dash,

Dash dot dot dot,

Dash dot dash dot.’

After a while, they start to see a pattern and could not help but wonder where these strange messages are coming from.

Berty carves the letters into signs using coconuts and bamboo as the dots and dashes.

She places them around the house so she and Gerty could learn the pattern.

“We should ask Farmer Kellie for help. She is a great puzzle solver and is also super smart,” says Gerty.

“Yes, she is great at these kinds of things,” chirps Berty.

Gerty and Berty grab their friends, Flirty and Dirty, and together, the four of them collect all the twenty-six signs and head down the lane until they see a sign for Smith’s Chicken farms.

As they pass by the sign, they all laugh as it reads “Smith’s Chicken farms- it’s a full-time job.”

Gerty says, “That’s so true, we are a handful.”

Flirty says, “Farmer Kellie comes from a long line of very smart thinkers. When she was young, she wanted to be a super sleuth.

“She studied hard to become a great puzzle solver. She was at the top of her class in critical thinking and studied at Quantico as a forensic pathologist.

“She knew that one day these lessons would help her to do something great for all of mankind.”

“Why is she a chicken farmer now?” asks Dirty.

“She became a chicken farmer after years of solving complicated puzzles as she needed a way to relax and try something new,” says Flirty.

Flirty continues, “Farmer Kellie will know what these are. She is the smartest sloth in the universe.”

Farmer Kellie is working in her garden when the chickens arrive.

“Good Morning, my sweet little chickens!” she exclaims, “What shenanigans are you up to today? And what do you have there!?” Kellie’s faithful dog, Herbie, wags his tail to greet the chickens.

“Farmer Kellie,” squawks Dirty, “Berty and Gerty have something to tell you. Flirty and I knew you would know how to help.” Flirty walks over to Herbie and squawks, “How is Da Herbie?”

Berty tells farmer Kellie of the wonderful discovery she and Gerty have stumbled across and asks if she knows what it means.

Farmer Kellie slowly looks at each sign and says, “Well this is very interesting. There are a total of 26 signs and there are also 26 letters in the alphabet coincidentally. Herbie, what do you think?” Herbie looks up and shrugs his shoulders because you know, he is a dog!

Berty exclaims, “My oh my, Farmer Kellie you are so good at solving clues!”

“Thank you!” says Farmer Kellie.

“So now we know that these might be the letters of the alphabet but what we don’t know is which series of beeps and dashes correspond to which letter.

“To solve this mystery, we must listen again to the messages being sent and see if we can find a pattern.”

“Berty and Gerty, can you run back and grab your super-sensitive listening device. Then we can record the noise and try to find a pattern,” suggests Kellie.

“Of course, we can,” screams the team.

“What fun – a real-life mystery,” says Gerty, and off she runs with the rest of them.

Meanwhile in the Boojbaunga galaxy on planet Pengmonium.

General F .J Marconi, the leader of the Polar bears, is having a meeting with his council.

The polar bears have run out of fish and a decision has to be made on how to feed the planet, penguins, snow dogs, polar bears, and all other creatures as the planet rely on fish as their food source to keep them happy and healthy.

General F .J Marconi says, “We must send out an S.O.S across the universe to help us find a new food source.

“It must be a message that all forms of life can understand and decode as quickly as possible.”

General F .J Marconi turns to his communications director, Jason the moose, and says,” Jason! There must be something you can do!!”

Jason thinks for a minute and exclaims, “There is a very old code that we could use. It is a series of dots and dashes and we call it the ‘MOOSE CODE.’ It is easy to learn and easy to send as well.”

General F .J Marconi instructs Jason, “Please send this message out to the universe,” and hands Jason a note.

Jason gives the note to his faithful corporal, J. Moffitt, who then taps on his sending key and sends out the following message:

J. Moffitt sends this message out over the air for all galaxies to hear.

After days and days of no response, General F .J Marconi decides that it is time to send out search parties to find food for Pengmonium.

He sends his generals and captains out in their ships to barter with the universe. Each ship carries polar bear armies and Dabaloonies to use for the trade for fish.

One of the ships, Polar Ice 3567920, is sent towards the Milky Way galaxy in hopes of finding food. The ship lands in the middle of a little farm in Kansas, on the planet called Earth.

Generals, DACOREY and DOODYDOO, the twin snow dogs, emerge from the ship with their 3 crew members. They look up and see a sign that says, ‘Smith’s Chicken farms; eggs for sale.’

DACOREY and DOODYDOO use their universal communication devices and google ’Eggs.’ DACOREY tells DOODYDOO that eggs are where Earth’s fish are kept. DOODYDOO and the crew start scooping up all the eggs.

DACOREY is a four-star general who has been tasked with a recon of the Milky Way’s little blue planet. He grew up in a military family and is a wiz at navigation and tactical work along with his four-star general twin brother, DOODYDOO, who is a communications and weapons expert. They have served in the Pengmonium Army for over 20 years now and this is to be their greatest achievement.

Farmer Kellie and Herbie have just left the meeting with the chickens and they come into the barn where Kellie sees the polar bears taking all her eggs. She yells, “Drop those eggs and reach for the sky!”

Herbie barks and growls.

Stunned by the sight of an Earthling, the polar bears scatter in every direction, dropping the eggs while running towards their spaceship.

Kellie takes out her trusty laser gun and fires at the polar bears. The polar bears take cover and shoot back at Farmer Kellie. As laser bullets fly everywhere, the chickens scurry around to protect their eggs. Herbie pulls out his gun from his doghouse and lays down cover for Kellie.

Berty and Gerty collect all the eggs that the polar bears have dropped while Flirty and Dirty protect the nest of the eggs that were not stolen.

Kellie is an excellent shot and hits one of the polar bears hiding behind a hay bale, simultaneously engaging the bear’s laser tag target and freezing him. Herbie continues to lay down cover and Kellie then does a double backflip over the farm truck and shoots another polar bear hiding behind it, ultimately, freezing him.

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