Twitter is one of those social networks, which while they are told it can help them market their business, many small businesses do not see how. Twitter has been around for a few years now and many major businesses have reported massive increases in business and customer communication through Twitter campaigns. Twitter enables you to report quickly to customers, monitor what people are saying about a particular brand or subject and identify and respond to any query found on the network. You can grow your business free with Twitter without spending loads of money on click-ads to get business. The key is getting involved and getting the basics right from the start to build a following and engage your audience.

grow your business free with twitter
Clearly Define Your Goals on Twitter

From the start you need to be clear about what you want Twitter to do for you. If you are solely interested in driving traffic to your website and your only contributions to conversations is going to be submitting links to your site, then you will not be using Twitter to its potential and will fail to build a solid reputation. It is important to actively participate in conversations with real people. Aside from promotions to customers and answering questions, you can also address employees and listen to what people are saying on the network. It can be a much more important tool than simply a message loudspeaker.
grow your business free with twitte
Assign Knowledgable Tweeters

It may be tempting to have the office newbie or intern managing the Twitter profile. Not a good idea! You need to have a team of people who are knowledgable about the various goals of each campaign you run on Twitter and are able to tweet and answer any questions that might arise. They should be able to listen, and by this I mean answer tweets or comments that are directed at them (and it is important to identify your Tweeters as people rather than just a corporate voice). Keeping engaged with your audience is important to maintaining your social profile and making any possible resulting business conversions from your interaction. Most importantly you will need trustworthy people managing your Twitter account as like-it-or-not messages can quickly go viral to millions of people on the network and you do not want someone spreading an unprofessional image of your business online, giving potentially disastrous repercussions.
grow your business free with twitteFollow Interesting, Useful and Relevant People

Anyone see who follows you on Twitter unless you make your account private, which would be pretty pointless for a business. In building a following the first thing you want to do is follow others as many people respond by following you in return. Choose people to follow who will not damage your credibility and if possible who are in related areas to your business as they might have followers who would be interested in your business and can find you through re-tweets and messages.
grow your business free with twitteListen to the Network for Leads

Listening to the network can help you find followers and get you engaged. Using the Twitter “Search” function to look for keywords, will display lists of related posts and profiles. You can then choose to follow people who are talking about a subject that you want to comment on and become engaged by re-tweeting their tweets and tweeting to them. As your conversation is public then others who are interested in the same theme can find you and this can generate massive activity, which can be great for your interaction.
grow your business free with twitteKeep it Light Hearted

It is important to keep a sense of humour on Twitter and keep your conversations light-hearted. You only have 140 characters to get your message across so making something seem like a drone will encourage others to avoid your tweets. Light-hearted and positive tweets gain the best responses from customers and it is still possible to keep them business-like and professional as well.

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