Whatsapp messaging app ios7 updates
Whatsapp messaging app ios7 updates

Although a little later than many of its rival applications, the popular WhatsApp messaging app for iPhone has received a redesign to bring its style more in-line with the iOS mobile operating system. The WhatsApp redesign incorporates the flatter simplistic aesthetics that characterise the iOS design. In addition to the cosmetic changes the app has also been adapted with broadcast lists added and a simpler system for managing blocked contacts.

WhatsApp Messaging App Update Changes

The 2.11.5 version of WhatsApp update which was released yesterday on the App Store has a number of changes which we will explain. In addition to the earlier stated cosmetic adjustments, the update of broadcast lists enables you to message many users at once in group messaging. WhatsApp maintain that this is beneficial for better communications with classmates, work colleagues of a group of friends. Certainly it is a feature which improves the app’s functionality and users can set and save groups of people in a “broadcast list” enabling them to quickly alert certain groups in addition to pre-defined groups such as “work” or “schoolmates.”

Location sharing services in the app have been improved with a 3D map view incorporated, and you now have the ability to hide places and search place in a similar way to Facebook. Other new features include a new style of thumbnail, and new notification sounds to distinguish your WhatsApp messages from other alerts you receive on your iPhone. As an accessibility feature the app now uses the default text size that you configure in your main device iOS settings.
To change the text size on your iPhone and consequently WhatsApp:

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon on the “Home” screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap “General” in the settings menu.
  3. Tap “Text Size.” Drag the slider to your deisred text size. Tap “General” in the top left-hand corner to return to the settings menu and save the text size.

Another cool new feature is that you can also crop images before sending them to other WhatsApp recipients. This is especially useful for photographs you take using the camera in-app, which can then be cropped and the cropped area sent.

The management of blocked contacts is improved with a new interface. This can be accessed by going to WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Blocked. You can then block contacts straight from your contacts book for any contacts you don’t want to be able to reach you on WhatsApp. You can find out more about blocking people on WhatsApp and how to tell if you are blocked by someone here.

The new update makes the WhatsApp messaging app fit more in with the style of iOS 7 but it still has a lot to do to win back followers from iMessage, Viber and other instant messaging services which offer that little bit more that WhatsApp at this stage.

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