turn your iPhone into a scanner

turn your iPhone into a scanner

turn your iPhone into a scanner

turn your iPhone into a scanner

Keeping a record of your documents digitally is always a good idea nowadays when you might need to refer to them quickly. While in the past you have needed to use a scanner connected to a PC to take digital scans of your documents a new app for iPhone and iPad enables you to turn your iPhone into a scanner and save your documents in PDF or JPG format. JetScanner simply requires you to take a photograph of the document pages you wish to scan and you can then assemble it into a multi-page file for sharing or saving.

To scan a document is a simple process. You just need to launch the app and press the camera icon in the top-right-hand corner to access the camera. Take a photograph of your document and you will then be given the option to have the file in colour or in greyscale to save memory size and for print format. You can choose between saving the file as a PDF or in photo jpeg format and then finally you can save it to your camera role or share it on a file sharing drive such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Email or even over a WiFi connection. If required then you can send the document for printing directly over air print, an extraordinarily useful feature.

You can configure and link in your sharing drives in the settings panel. The interface is easy to use with a couple of taps required to access any part of the app.

Image quality is dependent on what you designate in the settings. You can set the quality to “Good,” “Better,” or “Best” and the camera on your iPad or iPhone is of sufficient quality to give hi resolution readable documents. Try as we might there is very little that we can find wrong with this app. It does exactly what is required of it.

The Good

  • Quick and convenient scanner producing good quality images in PDF or JPG format
  • Easy to use interface
  • Share documents via email, saving to cloud drive or air print
  • Adjustable document quality for file size

The Bad

  • We can’t find anything wrong with this app

The Verdict


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