CamCam video monitoring app for iPhone

CamCam video monitoring app for iPhone

CamCam video monitoring app for iPhone

There is no price that can be put on peace of mind. For a limited time only Splashtop CamCam video monitoring app is available free, reduced from its premium price of $9.99. The app allows you to check on a video stream from a remote computer from your iPhone or iPad. This allows you to monitor children in another room, keep an eye on your home security when you are not there or rig your computer to broadcast you important events that you cannot be present at.

Setting up the app is in itself very simple. You simply have to install the Windows software on your PC which can be downloaded from the Splashtop website. You then simply set up the streaming link to the app installed on your iPhone or iPad and monitor proceedings from your computer’s webcam. My first big gripe is that despite the app being available for iPhones and iPads the software is not available for Mac computers, although Splashtop claim that this will soon be remedied.

The advantages that are afforded by this software are thus: There is no need for you to purchase expensive camera surveillance equipment as the app is compatible with both external and built-in PC cams and mics. You can use gesture pinch controls to zoom and pan the camera giving you optimal surveillance performance. These features have propelled Splashtop CamCam video monitoring app into the top 20 best selling iPad apps. Please note that streaming is only one way from the remote computer to the mobile device. Audio is also provided which is especially good when using it to monitor children.

There are a couple of flaws such as it really requires a WiFi connection to use it effectively and have hi-definition streaming. The issue with no Mac support will also put a lot of users off but all-in-all a great app.

The Good

  • Live HD video and audio streaming from a remote computer to your iPhone or iPad
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Pan and zoom the camera with pinch gestures

The Bad

  • Not supported on Mac computers
  • Requires WiFi connection to view and not available through 3G

The Verdict

The small flaws with the CamCam video monitoring app really should not dissuade you from downloading this app. There is a reason it is one of the most popular apps available despite normally having a $9.99 pricetag. While it is free you should leap at the opportunity and download it immediately even if you don’t have a use for it now. You might well do in the future. The app can be used for security, monitoring children or pets and capturing important events. We recommend you download it today.

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