clapper camera for iphone and ipad

clapper camera for iphone and ipad

clapper camera for iphone and ipad

One of the great uses for iPhone and iPad is as a camera, enabling you to take photos at any time without having to carry a separate device. While you can take great photos with the native iOS camera app, it does not have a suitable timer function to enable taking photos hands free. While there are a few apps which allow the camera to operate hands-free the most innovative so far is the clapper camera app for iPhone and iPad Snap Clap.

The way that the app works is simple. Once you launch Snap Clap on your iPhone or iPad and grant the app access to the device microphone you simply need to activate the required settings. These include how long you want the timer to be, and how sensitive the app is to sound, something which might be of concern in a noisy place. You can also activate a grid for subject placement.

After calibrating the settings to your desired format it is simply a matter of placing the camera so that it is facing the subjects and getting yourself into shot. Then you simply have to clap your hands loudly and the camera timer will be activated before taking the snap. It is as simple as that.

The clapper if we are honest really needs to have the sensitivity turned up to be properly effective but it works well and the photo quality is good enough. If you are looking for a hand-free solution then you could do a lot worse than this and it is more simple to use than those camera apps which require hand gestures to operate the hands free functions.

For after-capture photo editing the app also contains tools to crop the photo and share it via email or social network. You can also access your photo library in-app making it easier to find photos.

The Good

  • Hands free photo snapping instantly or with a timer
  • Simple activation
  • Easy to set-up and simple interface
  • Good quality photos

The Bad

  • Clap sensitivity needs constant adjusting depending on environment

The Verdict

Snap Clap clapper camera app for iPhone and iPad is one of the best hands-free solutions that we have come across for taking photos with an iOS device. It has all the necessary features and is easy to use. It has been reduced from a premium price to free for a limited period so if you like to take photos with your iPhone or iPad then this is definitely a must have download for those times when you want to be in shot and not have yourself be appearing to hold the camera. Get it.

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